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How to Use Genshin Impact Wish Simulator

Genshin Impact Wish Simulator – Geshin impact is a very popular fantasy adventure MMORPG. In this game, players will be invited to explore an interesting fantasy world with various quests, as well as cool characters that can be used. Genshin Impact is also a gacha game.

Various events in this game, often use the gacha system. In doing gacha, of course, you have to issue primogems. Now for those of you who want gacha for free, you can try using Genshin Impact Wish Simulator . 

This is one of the most popular gacha simulators in the traveler community around the world. Want to know the info and how to use it, check the following explanation.

Genshin Impact Gacha

How to Use Genshin Impact Wish Simulator

Gacha is an activity that is very often encountered when playing genshin impact. Various items often have to be obtained through the gacha. To be able to do gacha, players must have primogems. In addition, the gacha process is also very dependent on luck. 

If you are not lucky, then you can get items that are not good. Removing primogems for waste items is certainly a pity, especially for players who only have a limited primogems balance. That's why it's important to check your luck before gacha.

Wish simulator is a site that contains a replica of the gacha system in the game genshin impact. By using this site, travelers can try their luck first before finally doing gacha in the genshin impact game directly. 

The service provided by wish simulator is of course separate from MiHoYo's game server. So using this service will not have any effect on game data in the Genshin Impact game. This system is indeed very precise to check luck before the actual gacha.

In using this gacha simulator, users don't need to issue primogems so it's free. By doing this, players will be more confident when doing gacha in the Genshin Impact game. 

Wish simulator is also equipped with gacha results data that contains data on the number of primogems that have been spent. From this data, players can make preparations for the stock of primogems needed before gacha.

How to Use Wish Simulator Genshin Impact

How to use wish simulator is very easy, only 4 steps are needed. Detailed steps, check below.

Go to the Wish Simulator service site

First, open the wish simulator genshin impact site, which is at the following link Wait for the page to load all the content until it is complete.

Choose which banner you want

After that select which banner you want to try by clicking on the banner option at the top. Then the option will appear to make wishes related to the banner, starting from the character banner or the weapon banner. Each player has the opportunity to draw (gacha) as many times as they want.

Start wishing

The next step is just "start wishing" on the various banners. You can wish once, or directly 10 times. The simulator service will display the accumulated compassion as long as the user continues his wish. This step can be done repeatedly until you get the desired item.

Check results and detailed info

The last thing is to check the results of the spin or gacha that has been done. As already explained in the second subtitle.

So, that was the info about Genhin Impact Wish Simulator . Travelers should try using this gacha simulator. Follow the instructions above so you don't have any trouble using the wish simulat

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