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How to Upload Videos on Youtube Via PC / Laptop

In this Suikoden 2 game, there are various kinds of bosses in several areas of the game. Of course to beat the boss level is not as easy as defeating all the enemies in the area because of course the boss level has a higher level and attribute so it is stronger and tougher. Here’s a tutorial to beat all the strongest level bosses in the Suikoden 2 PSX (PS1) game. Mist Shade Recommended Level for All Heroes: 8-11 After escaping from the Mercenary Fortress, Riou and Jowy decided to return to Kyaro city via the North Sparrow Pass, but they heard news of a Mist Monster in the North Sparrow Pass. Therefore, they decided to form a team with more people to pass the North Sparrow Pass so that when the Mist Monster appeared, they could defeat it. Finally, Riou and Jowy helped the Circus troupe consisting of Bolgan, Eilie, and Rina. In the end they joined Riou and Jowy to cross the North Sparrow Pass. in u

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