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How to Turn a Villager Into a Witch in Minecraft PE

Hey crafter’s have you watched the video about villager turning into a witch. If you haven’t you can watch it here.

In the video, it tells of a villager who turns into a witch while on his way home from buying cakes and birthday gifts for his son. He is changed by being hit by lightning while taking shelter under a tree.


Well, it turns out that a villager turning into a witch doesn’t just happen in videos, because in Minecraft it can happen. When a villager is hit by lightning he will instantly turn into a witch but the chances of that happening are very small.

For those of you who are curious and have never seen it while playing. You can change it yourself without waiting for lightning to come and strike the villager.

Here’s how to turn a villager into a witch

How to Turn a Villager Into a Witch

• Finding Villagers

The first step to converting a villager to a witch must be a villager. You can of course find a villager in the village. However, if you have trouble finding a village you can use a cheat or a villager egg.

• Locking the Villager

Locking the villager aims to make the conversion process easier. You can lock the villager using a fence but if you don’t want to get burned you can use a fence made of materials found in the nether such as nether or crimson brick fences.

• Cast Lightning To Turn Villager Into Witch

As mentioned earlier because it will turn the villager into a witch itself. You also have to raise the lightning manually.

Remember the villager turns into a witch as a result of being hit by lightning. So before bringing up lightning you need to be as close as possible to the villager. This is the function of the fence that has been made so that you can easily approach the villager.

Also make sure when you want to do it in survival you have to use armor or fire resistance potions to minimize the impact of fire generated from lightning and witches.

Then, after the preparations are complete, spawn lightning with the command /summon lightning_boltIf true, it will display the words “Object called successfullyThen, suddenly a sound was heard and lightning was seen striking which produced fire and turned the villager into a witch.

If you are still confused about bringing up lightning, first make sure the cheat in the game is active and type the command /summon lightning_bolt where you chat. Usually to bring up the chat window is in the top center of the screen.

Can a Villager who has become a Witch be returned?

Unfortunately, until this post was made, the villager who became a witch could not be returned, unlike the zombie villager which can be turned back into a villager.

Well, that’s how to turn a villager into a witch. You can also change the others for example turn a pig into a piglin.

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