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How to Turn a Creeper Into a Loaded Creeper in Minecraft PE

Creepers are mobs that are identical to explosions. Each explosion they produce will destroy the surrounding blocks, although there are some types of blocks that are not destroyed.


Now talking about explosions, ordinary creepers are still inferior to charged creepers. Where the explosion of charged creepers reaches almost five times that of ordinary creepers.

For those of you who don’t know charged creepers are ordinary creepers who are hit by lightning.

Mimin himself has never seen a charged creeper when playing survival. However, for those of you who have never or are curious, you can change an ordinary creeper into a charged creeper yourself.

Here are the steps to convert a creeper into a charged creeper.

How to Turn a Creeper Into a Charged Creeper

• Looking for Creepers

Usually we will run when we run into creepers but this time you have to look for them. Creepers themselves will appear around you. However, when you have trouble finding them you can use cheats or spawn them with creeper eggs in creative mode. not explode.

• Lockdown Creeper

Creepers that you have found or spawned need to be caged to make them approachable for the conversion process. You can use any type of fence to cage them but a fence type with a nether-derived material such as a nether brick fence may be the best choice as it will not burn later.

• Spawn Lightning To Turn Creeper Into Charged Creeper

After locking up and being near the creeper. Bring out the lightning with the command /summon lightning_boltIf the command you entered is correct it will display the words “Object called successfully” on the edge of the screen. Then, suddenly you hear a sound and a flash of lightning strikes that causes fire and turns creepers near you into charged creepers.

When the fire caused by the lightning that you call directly hits the creeper, try as quickly as possible to extinguish it so that the creeper doesn’t burn to death.

That’s how to turn a creeper into a charged creeper in Minecraft PE. If you’re still confused about how to bring up lightning, first make sure the cheat in the game is active. Then, type the command /summon lightning_bolt in chat. Usually to open the chat window is in the top center of the screen.

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