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How to Tame a Wolf in Minecraft PE

Wolf or Wolf is a scary animal in the world. Likewise in Minecraft we can find wolves, but if we encounter wolves at night they will immediately attack us and see their red eyes.


Even though it’s scary we can make it a partner to explore and hunt. The thing we have to do if we want to make it a partner is to tame it first.

A tame wolf will help us if we are attacked or we are attacked except when the wolf is told to sit by us they will be silent.

Wolves can be a scourge for our enemies, especially if we have tame wolves, lots of wolves automatically gang up on zombies or other mobs that we attack or vice versa. This way I really like when I’m playing multiplayer with friends who are sometimes nosy to attack and it’s very fun.

To tame a wolf is not difficult, here are the ways:

First what we have to do is look for bones as the main ingredient. Bones can be obtained from killing skulls or killing fish.

Next if you already have bones, you have to look for the wolf you want to tame. What you should know is that wolves can only be found in the forest, lots of spruce trees, the characteristics of which are tall trees with dark green grass.

Final if we have found a wolf, hold the bone and then approach the wolf until the word tame appears, click on the writing until a red color or necklace appears on the neck and a sign that the wolf is tame and will follow you.

Each wolf is different, the number of bones that must be used to tame it can be one bone and also more then we must have many bones.

That’s how to tame a wolf in Minecraft. Tame as much and as much as you want.

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