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How to Tame an Ocelot and Turn It into a Cat in Minecraft PE

Do you like cats? For some people may like cats and not a few are afraid and even allergic to cats.

Cats are cute and adorable animals. Likewise, the cats in Minecraft are no less adorable.

Cats in Minecraft? Yep, you can make a cat as a pet in Minecraft. But before that you have to tame an animal called an ocelot in order to have a cat.


To be able to find an ocelot and tame it is not easy because when you see and approach it, the ocelot will immediately run away or hide in the bushes.

So this time gamelmit will discuss how to tame an ocelot and make it a cat in Minecraft to make it easier for all of you who want to have a cat in Minecraft.

How to Tame an Ocelot and Turn It into a Cat

• Fishing as much fish as possible

Fish is a mandatory thing that you have when you want to tame an ocelot. Because ocelots like fish, especially raw fish as food.

To get a lot of fish you can fish in rivers or the sea. Although there are other ways to get fish that are more practical, such as making traps with magma blocks that we put on the seabed or rivers so that passing fish will be attracted and killed, but unfortunately this method can you do if you have updated Minecraft to the latest version or one that already has a sea world.

• Looking for Ocelots in the Forest

After getting enough fish, the next step is to look for ocelots in the forest. Ocelots can only be found in the forest with the characteristics of light green and dense tree leaves. There are also melons and chocolates.

• Taming the Ocelot

Next, when you find the ocelot, now you just have to tame it. To tame you can approach the ocelot slowly until you are almost close to stopping. This method aims to make the ocelot not afraid and run away because ocelots are sensitive animals.

Then, hold the raw fish that was already on the line and let the ocelots approach. They will approach because they are attracted to the raw fish you are holding. When the ocelots get close, press or hold the ocelot it will say “TamePress the text to give the fish as well as tame it until the ocelot turns into a cat.

After turning into a cat, you can order it to sit or follow you wherever you go. Don’t forget to feed it and if you want to have lots of cats without bothering to tame the ocelot you can mate it. It takes 2 cats to mate and each cat to each of you feed raw fish.

With cats around you, you can also avoid mobs creeper because these mobs are afraid of cats.

Well, that’s how to tame an ocelot into a cat in Minecraft PE which requires a little special trick.

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