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How to Tame a Cat in Minecraft PE

Cats are one of the animals that can be kept in Minecraft. But before that, you have to tame them. Well, in this post, Gamelmit will discuss how to tame a cat.

In total in Minecraft, there are 11 types of cats that can be tamed to become pets. Starting from Persian, Tabby, Calico to others.

Here are just the steps to tame a cat in Minecraft PE.

How to Tame a Minecraft Cat

• Fishing

Cats like raw fish as food. So to tame a cat you need raw fish. You can get raw fish by fishing. Collect as many as possible because taming a cat requires more than one raw fish.

• Looking for a Cat

If you already have fish it’s time to look for cats. You can find cats in the countryside. They still live in the wild. However, when you play below v1.8 to get cats you need to tame ocelots that live in the jungle.

• Giving Fish

After you have fish and find a cat that you feel is suitable. Now is the time to tame the cat by giving raw fish. You can give raw cod or salmon.

However, to give fish is not arbitrary because cats are sensitive and shy animals. They will run away when approached. So giving fish to cats requires special tricks such as the following:

1. If the fish are in the inventory, first move the fish to the hotbar.

2. Hold the fish that has been moved to the hotbar or if confused press the fish image.

3. Approach the cat slowly.

4. Then, when you are almost close to the cat, you stop. This serves to prevent the cat from running away because, as mentioned earlier, cats are sensitive animals.

5. Let the cat approach they will be attracted by the raw fish you hold.

6. When the cat gets close, press or hold on the cat and the words “Tame“.

7. Press the text “Tame“It’s to tame the cat and give the fish, press and hold on the text until love-love appears and a red mark on the neck means the cat has been successfully tamed.

You can order a cat that has been tamed successfully to sit down or follow you. In addition, when a cat is around you, it can protect you from creeper and phantom bombers because cats are animals that the two monsters are very afraid of.

Well, that’s how to tame a cat in the gamelmite version of Mincraft, which is made as easy as possible. If you are still having trouble taming a cat, you can make a cage and lead it to be tamed in the cage.