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How to Send Email Via Gmail on Laptop / Computer

Steps to Send Email Via Gmail

1. Open your Gmail E-mail at
2. After that, look at the Gmail tab on the left in your browser, then click on the Compose option above the Inbox text

3. A dialog box will appear to type a message or e-mail that we will send

4. Fill in each box according to their respective functions

To : Filled with the Destination Email Address that we will send. This section is mandatory so it must be filled in

Cc : Abbreviation for carbon copy. Usually filled with e-mail addresses that need to know the contents of the e-mails that we send (eg superiors or other parts of the company). Cc is not mandatory so it does not have to be filled.

Bcc: Short for Blind Carbon Copy. The address that we type in Bcc will not appear in the e-mail that we send but gets a copy of the e-mail that we send. Can be filled with our own email address to ensure that the email is really sent and reaches its destination properly. Bcc is not always filled and more often emptied.

Subject : Filled with the title of the email that we will send

TextBox : Filled with the contents of our message.

5. If you want to add something, select one of the options in the toolbar which is at the bottom when this article was written.

Formatting Options: Through this option, we can set the type, size, and format of the letters that we use. In addition, you can also use bullets and numbering for numbering.

Attachment: Serves to attach files in email

Link: To enter a website link

Emoji : To add emoji in email

Google Drive : Attaching Files from google drive

Photo : Attaching a Photo

Confidential Mode: Sets the level of email security so that email cannot be forwarded, copied / pasted or printed. In addition, the email will expire within the time specified by the sender

6. After everything is filled, click the send button.

7. Emails sent will usually go to the sent folder, please check the Sent folder section to see the emails you have sent