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How to Save Other People's Instagram Stories Easily

How to save someone else's Instagram story

How to save someone else’s Instagram story – Instagram has become the largest social media application for sharing photos and videos in 2021. After it was acquired by Facebook 7 years ago, Instagram’s features are now richer and more sophisticated. One feature that is included on Instagram and widely used by people is the Instagram Stories feature.

Instagram Stories allow any user to share videos, images, text or GIFs with any follower without having to create a new post on the timeline.

It was also recently mentioned that there would be a new feature, namely the portrait mode in Instagram stories. However, the question now from Instagram application users is: can you save other people’s Instagram stories that we follow?

How to save Instagram Stories

It can be said that Instagram Stories is a superior feature of the Instagram application. However, there is also a downside, which is that there is no way to save or save other people’s Instagram stories. If you want to save it on your Android phone, you will need a third party application such as Story Saver for Instagram.

First you need to download the application, you can download it here >> Story Saver for Instagram. After that, my friend opens the application and logs in with your Instagram account.

If so, you will see different stories from other people’s Instagram accounts that you follow. To save, select a story you want to save and click the save button.

That way, the download process is automatic and my friend managed to save other people’s Instagram stories.

But you also need to know, if we can’t save Insta stories, you will have a private account if you haven’t followed them. You can save public accounts at any time without having to follow them first.

That’s it How to save someone else’s Instagram story that can pair. It’s actually quite simple, but there are still many users who are confused about such things. Much luck.

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