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How to quickly complete missions in the zombie tsunami

How to complete missions of zombie tsunami game Android

How to Complete Zombie Tsunami Missions Easily and Quickly – Playing the zombie tsunami game is very exciting and never gets boring. For some reason, maybe because the game has a tense path of action from start to finish.

At the beginning of the game, our zombie tsunami game runs slowly or not as fast. However, after playing for a few seconds or minutes, our zombies start moving and look different than before.

The more loot we get in the zombie tsunami game, the more zombies we will have, also known as the number of zombies and the speed will increase.

Playing the zombie tsunami game will definitely get us addicted as the game is full of challenges and the power of hand / memory speed. With that uniqueness that sets this zombie tsunami game apart from other games.

There are missions to complete in the zombie tsunami game. The missions of this zombie tsunami game have their own meanings and uses which is to get some coins to buy locked packages, skip missions, buy double zombies, cars and so on.

Even so, there are still many players confused on how to complete this zombie tsunami mission. The missions in the zombie tsunami game first appeared in English. Due to the language barrier, it is quite difficult for many players to complete every mission of the zombie tsunami game.

So in order for the zombie tsunami mission to be in Indonesian, my friend can try to change the game language to Indonesian. You can read how and how to change it here.


Actually, there are many missions in the zombie tsunami game, such as z score 8, the meaning of never had 5 zombies and a score of 7, never had 5 zombies and a score of 9, a score of 10, a score of 11, a score of 12 and so on.

It is very easy to complete this zombie tsunami mission. Examples of zombie tsunami game missions are:

– Eat 8 residents while using a balloon
Completing this mission can be done if you are playing and all of a sudden a box turns into a balloon. Well, you can use this time to complete missions and try to get your friends to eat at least 8 residents.

– Detonate 80 bombs without a quarterback
Well, if you can complete this mission by transforming yourself into a giant shape or sacrificing other zombie friends to make the bomb explode.

– Buy something in the market
In this case, we are told to buy everything that is on the market. When we buy something in the market or market, we will automatically have successfully completed the zombie tsunami game mission.

Well, these are just a few examples and how to complete the mission. Actually there are still a lot of missions in it. But the mission cannot be recognized and seen until the zombie tsunami level increases. Also Read: How To Build A Squad In Mobile Legends Has Proven Successful.

How to complete missions in zombie tsunami game that you can explore and understand, so that you can complete all missions with ease and hassle. One way to quickly complete a zombie tsunami mission is to understand each mission task before playing. That way you can guess where the right step is while playing and is part of the mission in the zombie tsunami game, buddy. Much luck.

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