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How to play the Tantan application easily and quickly

How to play the Tantan app very easily – Chat applications that are trendy lately and used quite widely by the people in our country Tantan app. On this good occasion the admin will discuss a little bit about this one application, namely how How to use the Tantan app.

Tantan application is one of the social media applications with the theme of making or finding new friends who are people who are close to where we live.

More precisely, the Tantan application is an application that acts as an intermediary, in which we can get a partner / friend through the application if the two people feel suitable and like each other.

This application is quite widely used by people, especially the incessant advertising on Facebook and other social media that makes people curious that they want to try it out. with the Tantan app This.

If you are one of those people who want to play / use the Tantan application but are unsure how to use it, you can see it and try to understand it with the explanation below. But before that, the administrator first answers some questions that people often ask about this Tantan application.

Does the Tantan app have to be paid for?
No, you can use Tantan for free without paying a dime. However, some items or features must be purchased with cash. In order to be able to use the Tantan application, we must also have a data quota, as the Tantan application cannot be used offline.

Tantan application functions and uses
The Tantan application works as a facilitator to make new friends and make more friends by getting to know people close to our neighborhood.

Is the Tantan app safe?
So far, the use of the Tantan application has been safe or harmless. No need to worry, especially since the Tantan application can also be downloaded free of charge from one of the safest download sites, the Playstore.

Experience with the Tantan app?
Everyone certainly has different experiences with the use of tantan. Assuming a pleasant experience, annoying, exciting or annoying, of course also felt by users of this application.

The advantages and disadvantages of using Tantan
Each application certainly has advantages / disadvantages and advantages of each. Just like with the Tantan application, it is all based on how users can be satisfied with that application. The advantages of the Tantan application compared to other similar applications can be seen as follows: random matchthat can bring us together with people who are close to where we live.

Does the Tantan application use Indonesian?
Yes, the Tantan application uses Indonesian. This is certainly a matter of pride as it is made easier for users on the territory of our country.

How to play the Tantan app

1. Please first download the Tantan app via your mobile phone in the Playstore (Android) or in the Appstore (iOS / iPhone).

2. Download and open the app.

3. Once opened, the Tantan application will ask for permission for several conditions, such as: Allow Tantan to access your location. If so, press give permission to have the Tantan application make it easier to make friends in the area.

How to use Tantan without paying / How to chat with the Tantan app

4. Then we first have to register using several options. You can choose to use your Facebook account or your mobile number. Then enter your age and name and upload your profile photo.

Tantan app function / Tantan app usability

Complete! Your Tantan account has now been successfully created. This is how you can use the Tantan application.

If you register successfully, you will see several photos of users of the Tantan application in your Tantan account. There are roughly hundreds of other users’ profile photos viewed per day.

You can give love to the user if you are interested and you can give too x unless. Or you can swipe right if you want to give love and swipe left while giving x.

Free tantan application without paying / how to chat on tantan

If the user accepts your love, you can now befriend him and send messages to each other.

After that, you can chat with the user and it is possible to meet if both of them fit together and like each other.

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That’s about how to play the tantan app what to do when you are just a beginner. Hopefully this can be useful to all of you. Much luck.

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