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How to Play Real Flight Simulator, Instantly Proficient

Playing Real Flight Simulator is epic indeed! Yups, this game available on the android platform offers the experience of being a pilot. His presence is, of course, highly anticipated by lovers of flight simulation games. Here you have to learn how to fly a plane or take off and also how to land correctly. Don’t worry, pdscustom will give you tips so you can play smoothly

Real Flight Simulator Indonesia has been experiencing a lot of hype in the last few months among simulator lovers. One of the best android airplane simulation games is developed by RORTOS. The name is indeed familiar because previously it has issued flight simulation games such as extreme landings pro, Airline Command, F18 Carrier Landing and so on. In this latest game, it looks like Rortos intends to challenge Infinite Flight, which is known as the king of the Android Flight Simulator Game.

The name is a simulator game, of course everything is designed to be similar to the original. Likewise with this RFS game, you will find features similar to the original plane. In the game there are also many types of planes that you can choose to play. Therefore, learning how to take off and how to land RFS real flight simulator is the main thing when you want to play the game. For you beginners, please refer to the real flight simulator tutorial below.

Download Real Flight Simulator Indonesia Latest Version

It should be noted that this RFS game is not a free game, guys. But don’t worry, the price is quite cheap, which is only $0.99 or around Rp. 14,000. It’s only for pecel catfish, so it’s really worth it, especially with very promising features. It is also to support the developer so that the game can continue to be developed for the better. please download it via the link: download

Once you open the game, you may wonder why there is still a menu with the words “pro” again. Wow, you have to pay again, even though you have paid upfront. So, guys, for some other features, especially those related to online multiplayer, we have to subscribe, aka have to subscribe to the pro version. The price is a bit low, namely 55k for a 1-month subscription to RFS Pro, 269K for a 6-month subscription and 409K for a one-year subscription.

However, using the free version of RFS (without subscribing) is actually quite fun. At the beginning, we will be given 3 aircraft, namely the Airbus A320, CRJ 900 and Saab 340. With these three aircraft, you can try and feel the sensation and then decide whether you want to use the pro version or not. Here you can also install a real flight simulator livery from the original version to the livery livery made by the game modders. Absorbed!

How to Play Real Flight Simulator

In controlling the movement of the aircraft, you can choose to use the accelerometer or virtual Joystick. You will be amazed when you enter the cockpit of the plane. All of the interior functions like a real airplane, not just for decoration. The meter and pedal will move according to the input we provide. RORTOS seems to have really created this game, so they dared to give it the name Real Flight Simulator. So far, it looks so real. Even when the plane is exposed to sunlight, there is an effect of light entering the cockpit.

In addition to flying in sunny weather, players can also choose several other weather conditions such as drizzle, even snow. If you want to try the challenge, there are also illustrations in case of turbulence, some instruments that don’t work until the engine breaks down.

Then for the route, you can choose several available free flights. In addition, we can also make our own flight plan. For example, you want to make flights from Jakarta to Bali, Kuala Lumpur to Bangkok and so on. As for the technical way to play RFS is as follows:

How to Fly an RFS Airplane

Before flying, please go to settings then tap control. Now on the type of input use a virtual josystick, this will be easier to use for beginners. But it all comes back to individual taste and choice. Here are the next steps that you can follow

  1. Tap Fly Now
  2. Next we can choose the plane, please use the plane and livery according to taste.
  3. If so, then you can then choose a flight route. Here you can also freely choose to fly from the airport to any destination. Please tap the first airport and tap the gate then tap the next airport.
  4. Tap start flight.
  5. Tap to calibrate
  6. Set the camera by tapping the camera icon at the bottom. Tap until the fuselage looks intact

    how to play rfs real flight simulator
    how to play rfs real flight simulator

  7. Tap the aircraft system, turn on APU, ICE, Seat Belts and no Smoking
  8. Tap on Ground System, hold and point to Load (L)
  9. Fill in the number of passengers, cargo and fuel. Can the following image example

    how to fly an RFS plane
    how to fly an RFS plane

  10. Still in the Ground System, please open the system (S) then tap pushback so that the plane will be pushed back by the pusher car.
  11. While the plane is being reversed, please turn on engine 2 in the aircraft system menu in the engine section
  12. After engine 2 turns green, please continue to start engine 1.
  13. Turn the plane according to the trajectory by sliding the RUD button. If it is right then tap pushback again in the Ground System menu. So the car will be lost.
  14. Then turn on the Nav Light and taxi light in the Air Craft System
  15. Open the MAP in the lower left corner and direct the plane to the runway. Remove the parking break and open the throttle to 25%

    steer the plane to the runway
    steer the plane to the runway

  16. Go to the Lights menu in the Air Craft System, turn on all the lights

    how to play real flight simulator
    how to play real flight simulator

  17. Rearrange the camera so that it shows part of the cockpit of the plane
  18. Start flying the plane with 50% throttle opening first. Also make sure the parking break has been removed

    airplane cockpit camera
    airplane cockpit camera

  19. Slowly please press the throttle until 100%
  20. Then board the plane with the virtual joystick. Just take it slow, don’t let it dive

    how to take off real flight simulator
    how to take off real flight simulator

  21. Setup heading to 178, and set flaps to 0
  22. Activate Autopilot

How to Land Real Flight Simulator

By activating the auto pilot, the aircraft will follow its own flight route. Next we just setup for landing if it’s approaching the destination. Here are the steps:

  1. Please set up Flaps to +1 F, Spoilers 1 and Brake MAX
  2. If the plane is getting closer, lower the Flaps to 3 and spoilers to 2
  3. Next, raise the spoilers to A and lower the Flaps to FULL

    how to land real flight simulator
    how to land real flight simulator

  4. Once we see the runway, lower the landing gear
  5. The plane will land by itself
  6. Next, direct the plane to the terminal by following the yellow line and looking at the maps. Make sure the speed does not exceed 40 knots
  7. When you reach the parking area, lower the throttle to 0 and turn off the lights
  8. Open garbarata and cargo vehicles

    park the plane
    park the plane

  9. Turn off engine 1 first
  10. While waiting, please unload the goods and drop the passengers
  11. Open aircraft system, turn off everything except APU
  12. Shut Down Engine 2
  13. Finished

That was the tutorial on how to play real flight simulator starting from how to fly a plane to how to land. Sorry if there is an unclear explanation. For more details you can practice directly, if there are difficulties please comment below.

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