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How to play Ome TV easily and completely

How to Play Ome TV on Android, iPhone, iOS, Laptop PC? – Ome TV is a video chat site that has become very popular and is played by a lot of people from different parts of the world. Including Indonesians who play quite a bit on this one video chat site.

At Ome tv we will meet people from different backgrounds. No matter what country, gender, age etc. In addition, this Ome TV also uses a random chat system which means that everyone we meet via video chat happens randomly and we have no way of knowing who we are going to meet.

How to play ome tv on hp android pc laptop google iphone / how to use ome tv

Ome TV is different from any other video chat application or site. Typically, if video chat sites or applications are required to create an account or sign in first, then at Ome tv we don’t need to have an account or sign in first. We can start playing right away by simply pressing ‘Start’ or ‘Start’.

Of course, it has to be a lot of fun playing on a television. In addition, Ome tv has another advantage, namely that it is available in the form of an application. Aside from the fact that they can be opened or played right on the Ome TV site, the application is definitely much more convenient to use. You can download this Ome TV application for free from the Playstore using an Android phone.

When you play on Ome TV you can not only meet people from Indonesia but also meet people from different countries around the world. But of course not all countries, if you count, there are 56 countries that are included in ome tv’s country list.

How to play on Ome TV

Before playing on ome tv it is better if you read the rules first so that you don’t break the rules which will eventually be locked and not opened, that is, you will not be able to play anymore.

Of course, playing on ome tv also has strict rules. This is done to prevent inappropriate or indecent behavior.

All right before you get into that How to Play Ome TV on Android, iPhone, and Laptop, it would be better if I first answer some of the questions people often ask.

What exactly is Ome TV?

Ome tv is a video chat site that connects us with strangers or strangers through a smartphone camera or webcam.

Do I have to pay to play on my TV?

No need, playing on ome tv doesn’t have to be paid for or is free. It is sufficient to only use the data quota.

Do I need to have an account to play Ome TV?

No, you don’t need an account to play on ome tv. It is enough to simply open it on the web or the application can be played immediately.

What devices can be used to play Ome TV?

Android / iOS smartphones and computers / laptops / PCs. If you want to play with an Android or iOS smartphone, first install the Ome TV application. Meanwhile, if you are using a laptop / computer / PC, you can play directly on the official Ome TV site without installing it.

Is it possible to watch TV with foreign people?

Of course I can. Besides being able to meet Indonesians, you can also meet people from abroad while watching TV. You can do this by changing the country in the ome tv settings section. This way you will meet Caucasians from outside Indonesia, if not all.

How to play Ome TV

As we know, Ome TV can be played on Android and iOS phones, as well as a computer or laptop.

-Play on Android or iOS phones

1. Of course, you need to have the Ome TV application first. If not, install the ome tv application from this link> Android and iOS.
2. In this case, open the Ome TV application.
3. On the Ome TV home screen, click the button BEGINNING or BEGINNING.

How to play ome tv on Android

4. After that, wait a while, then we will be connected to strangers alias unknown. If you want to stop, click STOP or STOP and if you want to find someone else, click NEXT or NEXT.

– Playing with a laptop / computer

  1. Of course, you need to visit the Ome TV official website first, if not please go to the Ome TV website at
  2. If you are already logged in, just press the button begin.
  3. When you want to stop playback, press the button Stop and if you want to keep searching for another pair, press the button Next.

How to change the country on Ome TV

To change the country on Ome TV, do the following:

1. Press or click on a section country.

How to Play Ome TV on HP iPhone Google PC Laptop

2. Then the flags and names of the countries appear (approx. 56 countries), you can select the desired country.

How to Play Ome TV on Laptop PC-Android-iPhone-Google?

3. After pressing it is done. Your country has also changed according to your wishes.

These are some tutorials on how to play on Ome TV on Android, iOS (iphone), laptop / pc computer that you can try. Hope this is useful to you all. If there are any questions or confusion, my friend can ask in the comments column provided. Much luck!

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