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How to Play Offline Multiplayer in Minecraft PE

It’s normal to play Minecraft alone or as a single player, you must have felt bored and wanted or thought it might be cool to play with friends or the cool language is new.


This desire can be realized, you know because Minecraft is a game that can not only be played solo but can be played together or often called multiplayer.

There are 2 types of multiplayer modes in Minecraft, namely online and offline. It’s the same as playing multiplayer but has a difference where online mode is better than offline because it can be played by more than 5 players and can be played remotely.

However, you don’t have to worry about offline mode, even though it can only be played by 5 players if the server also plays. Offline mode also has the advantage of not using quota which can sometimes cause lag if the network is bad.

Well, according to the title of this opportunity, Gamelmit will discuss or share ways to play Minecraft offline for those of you who want to play it.

Before playing multiplayer, please note that there is one condition for playing multiplayer, which is where one of your cellphones or players becomes a server and you can also choose to play or be left as a server but only 4 players play. However, if you use it to play, you can 5 players with the possibility that when playing, the cellphone lags because it becomes a server but if there is enough ram, it doesn’t matter.

After determining who will be the server you can start by turning on the hostpot from the cellphone or player who is the server.

Then another player who is not a server, activate wifi and connect to the hotspot.

Let the player who is the server first enter Minecraft and create a new world or an existing world to enter that world.

The purpose of this method is because usually if we connect to the hostpot and we are already in Minecraft while the server has not created a new world, then when the server creates a new world and we want to join then it is not on the friends menu and we can’t join of course. The only way we have to start that Minecraft again.

After successfully creating a new world or an existing world, then those of you who are not a server to enter Minecraft >> Select Start Game >> Choose Friends or Friends >> then select existing world or server created world
>> wait for loading to successfully join or enter the world. Until here we have succeeded in playing multiplayer.

A little note Multiplier Minecraft offline may not run or succeed if the version of Minecraft is different.

    Okh, that’s enough for a tutorial on how to play multiplayer Minecraft offline. Good luck.

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