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How to play HD games without lag on Android without root

How to Play HD Games Doesn’t Delay on Android – Playing HD games on Android with low / minimum specs is normal as HD games require high Android specs, the game stutters and won’t run smoothly when forced will. Now if you play HD games with high spec Android, you may get delayed, you need a Buesar question mark.

How to play HD games without lag on Android with no root cover

Of course, if you play high-spec HD games on Android but still lag behind and not smoothly, there are causes and consequences including having too many applications installed and the application running in the background process (the process is not visible), so does it take up a lot of RAM. There is no need to put critical applications to sleep to overcome this. You can use the greenify application (root requirements). Read the article How to Free Up RAM Easily. having the root is certainly confusing to those who do not know the root. The method that the author teaches in this article is the no-root method. How to play Android HD games with no lag

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Too high a cell phone specification can also lead to delays, too high a processor that does not support maximum cooling causes delays when playing HD games, the cell phone feels hot and causes delays and even hangs.

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How to play HD games without lag on Android without root

We will be using an application from the Playstore for free to maximize our gaming performance. the application temporarily stops / hibernates running applications. So Ram is relieved when we play the game. In principle, applications on Android cannot be terminated, they can only be closed and continue to run in the background process.

  1. Download Game Booster & Launcher for free directly from the Playstore
  2. Open the app “boosterenable the application scans our application list. The author tries this application does not ask for ROOT access
    the process so that the game is not delayed
  3. Add the game to be boosted by pressing the icon ‘+’ then check the game and press “to save
    how to play HD games smoothly and not slowly
  4. You can add any game to boost.
  5. Press the game that is being boosted to run it, for example “Real race 3
    Don't play real HD racing games slowly

Feel a significant difference after using this application. Try these tips on how to play HD games with no lag when your RAM is running out due to too many applications or lack of RAM. Share this article. This is the article on how to play HD games on Android

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