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How to Play Hago Sheep Fighting to Win Easily

how to play sheep slaughter to keep winning tricks

How to play hago sheep fighting for victory – Hello all Hago player friends, this time the admin will give a short explanation about the Hago game, a trick how you can just play sheep in the Hago game so you can win continuously.

Who doesn’t know the game Hago? Surely almost everyone, especially those who like to play on smartphones, knows the game called hago.

The Hago game itself is very famous because it has so many downloaders and players.

Playing Hago games is very fun indeed because there are so many different types of games.

One type of game that is quite unique and asked a lot of questions by gamers from hago is the fight against sheep.


Fighting sheep itself is a type of game in Hago played by those who enjoy playing on the Hago game application. Also read: How to play a fun link on hago.

Even so, there are still many players who are confused and wondering how to play in Hago sheep slaughter.

So if you are confused and don’t really understand how to play / play a sheep fight, my friend can carefully and clearly see and understand the explanation of the tricks for playing hago sheep fight below.


1. Place the sheep in an empty lane that does not have the opponent’s sheep.

2. Keep collecting sheep / stacking sheep on the same line as often as possible.

3. Buddy can see the type of sheep of the opponent that will come out and take into account the weight and size of the sheep.

4. You can add up the weight of the sheep you have and also pay attention to the remaining space on the lane, as this is a chance of winning by moving the sheep to another lane.

5. When you have successfully pushed, immediately place as many sheep as possible on the path and occasionally block against the opposing sheep by placing a sheep or two taking into account the size of the sheep.

6. It’s finally over.

That’s a quick trick explanation on how to play hago sheep fight that you can see and use. So basically we have to be really good at counting the sheep and their weight and size so that we can continue to win the game in this Hago fight. Hopefully this will be useful and don’t forget to share it with other friends. Much luck!

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