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How to overcome the PES 2021 delay on all devices

How to Fix PES 2021 Delay on PC / Laptop / Android / Mobile – Hello friends of PES 2021 players or the Pro Evolution Soccer 2021 game, on this occasion I will give you all tips on how to overcome the PES 2021 lag so that it runs more smoothly and of course is much more comfortable when playing in the PES game 2021.

How to fix PES 2021 lag on a low-end PC that is 100% working – As we know, the PES 2021 game is very much loved to be played by people from different countries on multiple continents. The majority of the players in this game are also male on average, as football games are, of course, more identical to male games.

A data quota alias must be used to play in PES 2021 on-line. This makes the game more fun because we can play and connect with other people we don’t know directly than playing against bots.

How to solve PES 2021 mobile / Android / laptop / PC lag – As with other online games, when playing in PES 2021 there are of course obstacles that players normally face and this usually happens while playing, which is lag.

Lag problems occur frequently, especially with online games, as they naturally use data and memory quota access, which sometimes take up a lot of space, so that it is not uncommon for the PES 2021 game to no longer be playable due to the low RAM.

So, if you are experiencing lags while playing PES 2021, there are a few tips you can try to fix them How to fix the PES 2021 delay underneath. Hopefully, by applying some of the tips below, the lag issue that is happening in the PES 2021 game won’t come back again, buddy. Okay, let’s go straight to the discussion on how to overcome the PES 2021 delay.


1. Change the PES 2021 graphic
Usually, the lag problem that occurs is also caused by the game graphics. As we know, in PES game we need to update the graphics to make the soccer game we are playing feel more real / real.

However, this actually has an impact and has a greater impact on devices with a small amount of RAM. So it’s no wonder that devices with low RAM memory are lagging more often on average when playing this PES game.

Therefore, you can try not to delay playing PES 2021 by changing the graphic to a lower one. This will likely minimize the incidence of delays when playing PES 2021.

Changing the graphics isn’t difficult, players can do so directly by going into your friend’s PES game application and then selecting the 3 line menu in the lower right corner. Then select “Video settings“, then a graphic selection appears, then press graphic menu then choose low resolution if your device is low on RAM.

So of course, if your phone or device has a small amount of RAM, it will be very useful to overcome the delay in PES 2021 Android in the above method.

2. Turn on the V-Sync function
If your PES is 60 FPS + but you still have a lag, or feel like the lag is broken, you can try turning on the V-Sync feature. Turning on the V-Sync feature can actually make the gameplay more playable. The setting / settings can be made via the driver.

For rigs with AMD VGA, you can try turning the features on Improved synchronization, and the rig already supports alias support Freesync Don’t forget to turn it on to reduce stuttering.

3. Use the Set Affinity method in Task Manager
So that you don’t get behind schedule while playing PES 2021, you can also use the method Affinity theorem in Task manager. You can do this by setting affinity in Task Manager. This method is also very effective in reducing the stuttering that occurs. Hiring isn’t difficult either, including:

>> First restart your PC or laptop.

>> Open your PES game and open the game as you normally would.

>> Then open it Task manager Then press or click the Details tab, then right-click the PES 2021 icon and then click Affinity theorem.

>> Next, disable CPU 0, wait a while and then click “Ok”.

>> Then set the affinity again with the right mouse button, then reactivate CPU 0 and simply click OK. Now my friend closes the task manager and runs the PES game.

These are just a few of the ways you can try Fix PES 2021 delay on your device. Whether on your laptop / PC / Android / mobile device, you can minimize the occurrence of delays. Hopefully this is useful to all of you and good luck.

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