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How to Mine 1x Hit in Harvest Moon Harvest Moon Hero of Leaf Valley

Mining is one of the activities in Harvest Moon [HoLV] to get ore which you can later sell to get gold, make jewelry or upgrade equipment and so on.

To be able to mine, you have to go to the Mine Entrance (located on the top map next to Goddes Spring or to be precise in front of the Funland Company) in which there are rooms that you will later use for mining.

Each room will open in line with the progress of the game, here to more clearly see the map and description of the place and when it opens.


1. Open when Game start

2. Open when Summer year 1

3. Open when Fall year 1

4. Open when Winter year 1

5. Open when Spring year 2

6. Open when Summer year 2

7. Open when Fall year 2

8. Open when Winter year 2

9. Open when year 3

10. Open when year 3
• Underground Lakes : A fishing spot in the mine. Opens when you have collected 20 Fishprints from Ponta.
• The Secret Fossils: A place where The Secret Fossil event takes place.
• Mechas: A place where Mecha (Mole) events occur.
• Harvest Goddess Temple : A place where The Tale of Harvest Goddess Temple event takes place.

When you first start mining at Funland you won’t get ore but you have to do part time work with Rudolp 5 times first (Talk to Rudolp first and choose part time on Monday – Friday at 9 am – 1 pm) so that we can freely mine at any time and bring home the mine. Even if you don’t get ore while working part time, you will still get gold in return.

How to mine 1 time in Harvest Moon [HoLV]
Unlike most games, mining in Harvest Moon HOLV uses a hummer or hammer to destroy the crystals in each mining room. However, every time you hit, your stamina will also decrease so that when you hit the crystals one by one it is not effective.

The only way to save time and stamina is to hit each room in one go. How? The trick is that you must first arrange the existing (yellow) crystals by pushing them to make a one-hit pattern. Here’s a picture of a pattern or puzzle for each room for one hit.

• Room 1

• Room 2

• Room 3

• Room 4

• Room 5

• Room 6

• Room 7

• Room 8

• Room 9

• Room 10

Well, that’s How to Mine One Hit in Harvest Moon [HoLV] which is certainly very useful for saving time and stamina in playing.

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