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How to mate a cat in Minecraft PE

Mating a cat requires a cat that is already tame. For those of you who don’t know how to tame a cat, you can read the previous post about how to tame a cat in Minecraft PE.


You need at least 2 tame cats in order to mate. Each of them is given one raw fish. You can give fish in a way that is not much different from giving fish to tame a cat by holding the fish you have.

Then, approach or let the cat approach because a tame cat will be more easily attracted and closer when you hold the fish than a wild cat.

Furthermore, when the cat manages to approach it will display the words “feed” but if it doesn’t appear, move the screen and point at the cat or tap on the cat for the text to appear.

Then, press the text until love-love appears. When there are 2 cats in this mode, they will marry and produce one puppy with a random color or type.

Kittens that come from mating do not need to be tamed again and they have time to mature. However, you can shorten it by feeding them raw fish.

Cats that have been mated also cannot be mated immediately. It takes about 5 minutes for them to be bred again.

Maybe you think you can mate a cat in a sitting position? Unfortunately that method is useless and you can’t do it, but you can make the cat sit down to make it easier to give fish and as soon as possible when love-love appears, order the cat to stand up so that it can do the mating.

By mating with your cat, you will also get advantages and disadvantages. For example, the more cats you breed, the safer you are from creeper mobs and phantoms because more cats will follow if you order.

However, more and more cats following will also complicate the activities you do because cats are always running around following you. However, that again depends on you as a player. And at least it’s about how to briefly mate cats in Minecraft PE. Hope it can help you.