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How to Marry a Villager in Minecraft PE

Maybe some of you want to enlarge a village in survival mode. However, they are confused about the residents or the villager. Because as we know the villager will easily die when attacked by zombies or turn into a zombie villager when playing in hard mode.


So that over time the villages in the village continue to decrease and even run out and that makes the village deserted. However, for those of you who already know how to marry villagers, this is not a problem because by marrying villagers, you can reproduce villages.

Well, for those of you who don’t know, this time Gamelmit will share how to marry villagers in Minecraft PE.

How to Marry a Minecraft PE Villager

To marry a villager is now easier than before the villager and pilager update. In the past, in order to marry a villager you needed to install a door with at least a block behind it so that it was considered a house by the villager.

Whereas now just place as many mattresses as possible in the village or house you build. No need to add blocks around it and wait and there will be villagers doing the marriage.

It takes at least 2 villagers to do the marriage but when the village you meet runs out of villagers you can heal the zombie villager to become a normal villager and can be bred.

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Usually villagers will marry in the morning or when they gather near the bell during the day. They will share food, chat, and when there are 2 suitable villagers they will bring up love-love as a sign that they are getting married and in a few moments will appear tillers villager. All villager chicks need time to grow up.

Then, those who are adults can also marry and so on until all the mattresses you place are occupied by villagers.

So basically, when you want to add 10 villagers to your village, you need to place 10 mattresses because the villager in the village is already occupied by the villagers there. Obviously, 1 villager needs 1 bed and when there is an empty mattress, the villager will marry and his child will occupy the empty mattress. .

Have Placed Many Mattresses in the Village But You Don’t See the Villager Doing Marriage??

Basically, the villager needs a mattress, which is just a place to rest and enough food to be able to carry out a marriage.

In the village itself, there is a villager who has a job taking care of food, namely a farmer. With the characteristic of wearing a hat, this villager functions as the first food distributor or distributor when a villager is getting married.

This is also why when you place the mattress and see the villager, sometimes the one who does the first marriage is the farmer.

So, when you have placed a lot of mattresses in the village but no villager is doing the marriage, it is possible that the village you placed the mattress in does not have a farmer.

The only solution when you experience this is to manually give food to the villager. Because in addition to solving the problems above, you can also do this to speed up the marriage.

You can give food such as carrots, sweet potatoes, potatoes, and bread. Make sure to give enough. If you are confused about feeding a villager you can press and hold the food on the hotbar and it will be thrown to the ground.

Villagers who are near the food you throw will pick it up and share it with others. When they feel they are compatible with another villager, they will marry with a sign that love-love appears and produce one villager child.

That’s how to marry a villager in Minecraft PE. Besides being able to be mated, you can also turn it into a witch or wizard. Curious, you can read about it in the post about how to turn a villager into a witch in Minecraft PE.

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