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How to Make a Snow Golem in Minecraft PE

Snow Golems are artificial mobs that are almost the same as other Golems, but smaller and more agile in moving. They will immediately attack evil mobs such as zombies, sekelton and so on and will even attack Neutral mobs.

When attacking the Snow Golem, it will use its snowball shot from a distance of 10 blocks. But unfortunately, attacks from the Snow Golem will not produce damage, it will only push back except for Blaze.


Unlike the strong iron Golem, this Snow Golem is actually the opposite, which is very weak. Maybe the advantages and disadvantages of the 2 Golems are influenced by the maker factor. Where the iron Golem is made of a lot of iron bars, while the Snow Golem only has 2 snow blocks (8 balls). snow) which we can get without limitation in the snow biome.

Even though it’s weak, it doesn’t mean it’s useless, you can still use it against Blaze in the Nether or to accompany you in playing.

Ok, just here’s how to make a Snow Golem.


• Snow Block

As the main ingredient, we can get snow blocks by combining 4 snowballs. As for the snowballs, you can pick up snow in the snow biome using a shovel to make it into a ball.

• Pumpkin

We can get pumpkins on plains where there is a lot of grass, but not tall grass, of course.


After obtaining or obtaining the materials, the next step is to make a Snow Golem, here are the steps:

1. Determine where to make the Snow Golem.
2. Arrange 2 snow blocks like the letter I.

3. Next or last place the pumpkin or pumpkin on its own.

Try the arrangement as above and remember the pumpkin is the last

Well, that’s how to make a Snow Golem in Minecraft PE. A few tips if you want to mass produce, but not in a snowy biome and don’t want to go back and forth to the snow biome to get snowballs.

You can farm, what is farming? Farming here is meant to not kill Snow Golems to get more snowballs. But indeed by killing Snow Golems we can get more snowballs, but sadistic if you have to kill to get.

So, the correct farming is to take the snow created by the Snow Golem when it moves and of course you have to use a tool, namely a shovel.

In addition to farming, you can also remove the pumpkin that is on the Snow Golem’s head by cutting it, but the Snow Golem will not look more fierce but funny.

Okh, that’s all for tips and how to make a Snow Golem in Minecraft PE.

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