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How to Make a Redstone Torch in Minecraft PE

In Minecraft, as we know, there are 2 types of torches, namely ordinary torches and redstone torches. For this post I will discuss how to make redstone torches after I have previously discussed how to make ordinary torches.

The redstone torch itself has many functions but is less effective for lighting because of its dim red light.

How to make a redstone torch is the same as making a regular torch, only the light material differs. Here are the ingredients and how to make a redstone torch.

• Redstone

The name alone is a redstone torch, of course using redstone or red stone. As the main material for making a torch, we must look for it first. We can find redstone in caves near lava or if we mine it is usually found below layer 16.

Even we can get redstone from chests or dropped by with when we kill him but with a fairly low percentage.

• Stick

To get a stick or stick is very easy. Cut down a tree and use an ax to make it faster. Change the wood that we got on the manufacturing table into a board or wood plank and then stick.

After all the materials are obtained, place the redstone on the stick on the manufacturing table to make the torch. For details, see the picture.

Redstone torch function:

1. Igniting a power rail and a bomb or dynamite.

2. Make a link and comparison of red stones.

3. Make automatic doors and traps.

So many posts on how to make a torch in Minecraft PE.

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