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How to Make Minecraft PE Auto Potions

Making potions is usually done step by step from adding basic ingredients to adding main ingredients and enhancers.

That makes us have to wait to add the next ingredient until the potion is made. In contrast to making potions automatically, we only need to wait for the ingredients to be finished while the ingredients have been added automatically.


Hm, making automatic potions? Yep, you can make potions automatically with the help of items in Minecraft.

Well, for those of you who are curious and want to make it this time Gamelmit will share a tutorial for making potions automatically. And as usual to make it, you need to prepare the items needed as follows:
• Block (Free)
• Droppers
• Hoppers
• Chest
• Redstone
• Brewing Stand
• Button
• Redstone Repeaters
• Ingredients (Water Bottle, Blaze Powder, Netter Wart, etc.)
• Frame Items

How to Make Automatic Potions
1. Place blocks like the letter T upside down with 3 horizontal blocks and 6 vertical blocks

2. Place the chest on the left and right of the horizontal block

The crate functions as a water bottle and blaze powder storage.

3. Destroy the block under the chest and replace it with a hopper

Make sure the hopper is pointing towards the block in the middle because the hopper serves as a temporary reservoir as well as distributing the watter bottle and blaze powder to the brewing stand.

4. Place the hopper on top of the vertical block, then destroy the block below it and replace it with a hopper. Do the same thing until there are 6 hoppers or leaving one block on the ground

This method ensures that the hopper is pointing downwards because the hoppers arranged like this serve to distribute the ingredients in sequence. If there is one hopper that is not pointing downwards, it will affect the hopper above it so that the material will be stuck in the hopper that is not pointing downwards. the.

5. Destroy the remaining blocks and replace them with a brewing stand

6. Place 7 blocks perpendicularly behind the hopper one block away from the hopper

7. Place 6 droppers on each back of the hopper with the help of the blocks built in the previous step

Make sure the dropper is pointing at the hopper because the dropper functions to channel the stored potion ingredients into the hopper when the button is activated.

8. Destroy the help blocks used to place the droppers

9. The next step is to make a redstone circuit to activate the dropper from the bottom of number 1 to the top of number 6 with the help of blocks and buttons

• Dropper 1

Place 6 horizontal blocks at a distance of one block from the brewing stand and place the redstone on top of the block from behind dropper 1 to the front of the block near the chest to make it easier for the potion process. Don’t forget to also place the button to activate and the redstone repeater to increase the redstone flame distance. from the button.

• Dropper 2

Place a block like the block to activate dropper 1 but have a distance of one block to the left and up and 2 back side blocks connected to dropper activating aid block 1 and 2 front side blocks connected to the side of dropper 2. Then, place the redstone from the side of dropper 1 until it connects to the redstone dropper line 1. Place the redstone repeater as well.

• Dropper 3

Just like placing a block to activate dropper 2 the difference is to the right and one block higher (dropper 2) as well as the placement of redstone and redstone repeaters.

• Droppers 4

Place the block to the left of dropper no 3 followed by 4 blocks back with the last block lower and place the redstone from the side of dropper 3 until it connects to the redstone dropper 2 path. If you have difficulty you can use other blocks.

• Dropper 5

Place the block to the right of dropper 4 followed by 3 blocks back with one last block lower and place the redstone from the side of dropper 4 until it connects to the redstone dropper 3 line.

• Droppers 6

Place the block to the left of dropper 5 followed by 2 blocks back with one last block lower and place the redstone from the side of dropper 5 until it connects to the redstone dropper 4 path.

10. Putting materials into droppers and crates

To make it easier to remember or not to make mistakes in placing ingredients to make potions, you can place blocks in front of the hopper and next to the chest. Then place the frame as a place to mark what ingredients are behind (dropper) and side (crate) so you don’t make a mistake.

For example this time it will make Lingering Potion Invisibility (Sedentary Potion Disappear) automatically, the ingredients that need to be added to the dropper are Netter Wart (dropper 1), Golden Carrot (dropper 2), redstone (dropper 3), Fermented Spider Eye (dropper 4), Gunpowder (dropper 5), Dragon’s Breath (dropper 6) and crates (Water bottle and Blaze Powder).

11. Making Potions

After placing the required materials into the crate and the dropper, then you press the button that has been assembled with redstone to activate the dropper. And the ingredients will be automatically pushed into the hopper which then goes into the brewing stand from the bottom hopper to the top.

Wait until the process is complete and the permanent potion taraa disappears is successfully created automatically.

1. The bottom Netter Wart will function to make the basic Awkward Potion
2. Golden Carrot as the main ingredient will make night vision potion
3. Redstone as an enhancing ingredient will function to increase the duration of the night vision potion to 8 minutes
4. Fermented Spider Eye as an ingredient for converting night vision potions into disappearing potions
5. Gunpowder function to make potions can be thrown so that night vision potions will become splash potions disappear (Splash Potion Invisibilty)
6. Finally, Dragon’s Breath functions to make a permanent potion so that a missing potion will become a permanent potion disappearing (Lingering Potion Invisibility)

How? It’s not easy to make an automatic potion because the ingredients are added to the brewing stand automatically and sorted in one press of a button. And we just need to wait for the potion to be ready. Then, when the potion is ready for you to take, the water bottle will fill the brewing stand automatically and you only need to press the button again and wait until the potion is ready and so on.

Then, how to make a night vision potion or just a throwing potion?

If you want to make a vision potion or just throw it then you can simply add the basic and main ingredients into droppers 1 and 2 to make night vision potions while the other droppers can be emptied. Then, when you want to increase the effect you can add enhancing ingredients to dropper 3.

Likewise, when making splash potions, you only need to add the basic ingredients (Netter Wart) to dropper 1, the main ingredient (Golden Carrot) dropper 2, and the modifier (Gunpowder) dropper 3.

So basically you need to know the ingredients and the order to make the potion you want to make and add it to the dropper then press the button. For that you can read the previous post about how to make Minecraft potions which includes the ingredients to make each potion.