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How to Make a Map in Minecraft PE

Maps are very useful for navigating for those of you who like to explore. Likewise in minecraft we can create maps. In this post I will explain how to make maps in Minecraft.


There are 2 kinds of maps in Minecraft, namely a map without a compass and a map with a compass, the difference is that if a map without a compass can’t know our position, while using a compass we can know our position because there is a white pointer that will move if we move.

Then how to make it? To make a map is not difficult we have to find and make the materials first such as:

• Sugarcane (Sugar Canes)

It is the main ingredient for making maps. This sugar cane is what we will turn into paper. Sugar cane can be found on the water’s edge such as the river or sea bank. Look for enough and turn it into paper on the making table.

• Compass

If you want to make a map with a pointer then you need a compass but if you don’t want it then you can make a map with only paper.

The compass is made by placing 4 ingots and 1 redstone on a manufacturing table.

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After we get all the materials, it’s time to make a map. For a map without a pointer, we only need to place 9 papers on the manufacturing table, while those that use a pointer are only 8 papers and 1 compass.

The map that we created earlier still cannot be used because it is still an empty map. So that we can use it, we must hold the blank map and then a message will appear for a map, click on it, the blank map will automatically be filled with the terrain where we are and the map can we use.

(Note: Do not make a map in a place that is already listed on the map because we will only make the same map, make an off-road map from the map we made)

That’s the post on how to make a map in Minecraft PE.

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