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How To Make Lineage 2 Revolution Not Update Patches Repeatedly

This method might be able to help you in overcoming Lineage2 updates repeatedly
This method might be able to help you in dealing with Lineage2 updates repeatedly.

In this article I want to share just a brief tip, which is about how to overcome Lineage 2 Revolution so you don’t always update patches at the time of opening the game at the beginning.

I actually got this method by accident from one of the comments from a Google Playstore user who responded to the Lineage 2 Revolution game.

And this article is actually just an “intermediary” in conveying “simple” information put forward by someone in the Google Playstore response column.

So for those of you who want to know what it looks like, here’s the screenshot…

Lineage 2 Revolution - Google Playstore
Lineage 2 Revolution – Google Playstore

If you look at the picture above, someone named Farhan Nurhidayat gives a suggestion based on his experience in overcoming Lineage 2 so you don’t keep downloading patches.

So that Patch Updates are not Repeated

In his short comment, Farhan Nurhidayat wrote a tutorial like this:

*who wrote Farhan Nurhidayat*

  1. When the first screen of the game, there is a choice of servers and search for characters.
  2. Look at the top right.
  3. There is a refreshed image.
  4. Press the image. (maybe he meant “refresh”)
  5. Then you press Yes.
  6. After that, you will download the patch without having to download it repeatedly.
  7. Enjoy!!!

*who wrote Farhan Nurhidayat*

That’s roughly the tutorial suggested/written by one of the Google Playstore users who commented on the Lineage 2 Revolution game.

Honestly, I myself have not practiced it directly, because until now I have not experienced the problem of Lineage 2 Revolution which always downloads patches over and over again.

Even if there are repeated downloads of patches, I usually just accept the re-download request, because I am not too bothered by it myself.

It never hurts to try the advice of one of the Lineage 2 Revolution players.

So how???

Are you currently having problems with Lineage 2 Revolution frequently updating patches over and over again???

And most importantly, does it work???

Please let me know through the comments if there are SUCCESSFUL, while for FAILURE it’s the same, please comment too. Maybe I can help…


So the conclusion is, try it first… If it doesn’t work, well…

Maybe the Lineage 2 game really needs the patch update to fix all the weaknesses and BUGs in the game.

OK, that’s it, the short article…

Sorry if the article is not very clear… Because the tutorial above is just a retelling of someone’s response on the Google Playstore.

Maybe someone needs it, so I’ll just write it on this blog…


A Google Playstore user named Farhan Nurhidayat.


Remember, the points I wrote above are my own personal opinion. So it’s only natural if there are things that don’t match / agree with those of you who are reading this article.

As for those of you who accidentally get lost on this blog, it’s better NOT to go out right away. Better have a look list of contents from a collection of articles that I have written this simple blog.

Maybe, you will find other related articles.

That’s all the advice…


That’s the article about How To Make Lineage 2 Revolution Not Update Patches Repeatedly. Hopefully the information that I have written through the article above can be useful for those of you who read it.

Sorry if there is a wrong word,

See you at another time.

thank you

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