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How to Make Leads in Minecraft PE

There are many items that we can make in Minecraft. One of them is a rope or often called a lead. The rope serves to tie up a mobs so they don’t run away everywhere.

To make rope is not difficult we have to find the materials first such as:

• Slime Ball

Slime balls are obtained from slime mobs. We can find slime in swamp biomes but sometimes I find slimes at the bottom of caves or while mining. Swamp biomes are characterized by dark water, dark green and dense trees, lots of mushrooms and lotus.

Go to the swamp and make a small house to wait for the slime to appear because the slime will appear at night. Be careful when killing slimes because they will attack and kill us quickly.

After killing a large slime, the slime will turn into a smaller and more slime. That’s where we get the slime ball by killing the small slime.

• Nets (Strings)

We can get webs by killing spiders. Spiders will appear at night which will attack us immediately if we pass and will be neutral during the day although it will attack also if we attack it. Find 4 webs to make 2 ropes and so multiply.

After we get the slime balls and nets, we just need to make a rope on the making table by placing 4 nets and 1 slime ball.

To use the rope, we just approach the mobs that we want to tie and a tie will appear, click on it and then the mobs will automatically be tied.

We can tie the rope to the fence to prevent the mobs from escaping or if you think you want to take it, try not to go too fast because the rope can come off.

That’s how to make a rope in Minecraft PE.

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