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How to Make an Iron Golem in Minecraft PE

Iron Golem (Iron Golem) is a mobs made of iron, of course, so it’s no wonder that its strength is very strong, it can even fight several zombies at once. Besides being strong, the Iron Golem is described as a loving mobs because it sometimes gives flowers to Villagers in the village (Village).


They were originally created and spawn naturally in villages to protect Villagers from evil mobs. However, with certain conditions and most villages are currently relatively small to spawn. Being able to spawn naturally doesn’t mean we can’t make them.

Because for this post I will discuss how to make Iron Golems which can later protect players.

Why? Because Iron Golems that spawn naturally in the village can strike back at players to death when attacking the Iron Golems, while for Iron Golems that are made even though they are attacked many times to death they will not fight back and will still protect the maker.

Here’s how to make an Iron Golem in Minecraft PE, actually it’s the same for other versions.


• Iron Block

Iron Block inobtained by combining 9 Iron Igots or Iron Bars. Then, Iron Bars are obtained from Iron Ores that are mined and then burned in the furnace. Apart from mining there are many other ways to get Iron Bars, such as looking in certain chests, trading with Villagers and fighting Zombies and Witches.

• Pumpkin (Pumpkin)

Pumpkins can be found on plains where there is grass, whether it’s on a flat hill and there is grass.


• Find a large, flat place to spawn the Iron Golem later.

• Place or arrange the Iron Blocks like the letter T.

• Finally, put the Pumpkin on top of itself and in the middle. Then the Iron Golem will automatically Spawn.


After making the Iron Golem, you can tie it to the fence so it doesn’t run away. Why? Because the Iron Golem is different from other pet mobs. It won’t follow the player’s moves, they will move as they please except in the village the Iron Golem moves to patrol and guard the village. But this method or binding the Iron Golem itself makes the Iron Golem limited when attacking.

Well, those are the tips and ways to make an Iron Golem in Minecraft PE.

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