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How to Make a Clock in Minecraft PE

Clock or clock is one of the items in Minecraft that we can make. However, it is rarely used by crafter’s.

minecraft clock

I myself also use a clock and understand its function after playing Minecraft for a long time, having fun making it because I have too many materials at hand to make a clock.

But that’s okay, even though it’s rarely used, I will still share how to make a clock in Minecraft for those of you who want to make it.

The clock itself is actually almost the same as a compass that will always work even when it is dropped, inventory and crate. The clock also cannot be used in Netter and End because the needle will rotate erratically.

The way to make it is almost the same, only the difference is when making a watch using gold bars instead of iron.

Ok, just here’s how to make the clock.


• Gold bar

Gold bars are obtained from burned gold blocks. To get gold blocks we have to mine first. But if you don’t want to mine there are still other ways to get gold bars, namely looking for them in certain chests, killing pigman or wicth zombies and swapping with villagers.

• Redstone

Redstone itself can be obtained by mining and for other ways it is almost the same as looking for gold bars that we can find in chests or killing wickh.


Next, after the material has been obtained, it’s time to make a clock by placing 4 gold bars and a redstone on the manufacturing table.


After making the clock, then confused about how to use it? To use it is not difficult, first I made my own watch, I was also confused about how to use it until the time I knew and realized after watching the clock with the time of day and night where the clock will always rotate according to the time of day and night.

So basically the clock is divided into 2 parts, namely day and night. Here is the discussion:

• Daytime (Midday)

Daytime on the clock will be marked by the presence of the sun in yellow and the sky blue.

• Curfew (Evening)

The night is marked with the moon with a black color indicating night.

Well, that’s how to make a clock and its easy to use isn’t it.

Actually, without making a clock you can still see the time on the clock on the quest as described above the clock will always rotate whether it’s dropped, in the chest and inventory.

But this method will waste time going back and forth to see it better to make it because it is very easy.

You can also put a clock on the wall or so with the help of a frame like the picture above.

Ok, that’s enough for this post about how to make a clock in Minecraft PE.

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