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How to Make a Bracket Trap in Minecraft PE Survival

Traps are artificial tools or structures that are used to trap evil and nosy mobs. This time, I will discuss how to make traps.


What trap is it? The trap is a bracket trap. Why I named it a bracket trap because its working principle is that it will trap trapped mobs.

There are 2 types of traps that I will discuss this time, namely the door bracket trap and the piston bracket trap. The same traps you can make in survival mode.


Is a simple trap made of 4 doors that will close or lock up the trapped mobs.

• Ingredients

– Door
– Press Plate
– Plate

The materials you can use according to your taste do not have to be the same as the tutorial. However, I recommend choosing a strong material such as an iron door because when we play at a hard level, doors made of wood can be destroyed by zombie mobs.

• How to Make a Door Bracket Trap

1. Place the 4 doors facing out in a circular motion or until they form a top.

2. Place the pressure plate in the middle of the 4 doors. Its function is when the mobs press the plate the door will close and lock the mobs.

3. Finally, to make it more dense or closed all the traps you can place a plate on top of the trap. You can install a plate or slab with other rock blocks that are easily crushed like soil.

The trap closes when any trapped mobs or dropped items hit the pressure plate


That is a trap that uses the surrounding piston to confine the mobs. This trap looks more level with the surface. However, when the mobs are trapped then it will be seen and the trapped mobs will be confused to get out because every time the piston moves, it will also move so there is no chance to escape.

• Ingredients

– Pistons
– Fence
– Press Plate
– Plate

• How to Make a Piston Bracket Trap

1. Make a hole or border in the form of a 5×5 box with a depth and a width of one block.

2. Place 2 fences in the middle of the box by stacking them up.

3. Place the 9 slabs on top of the fence that has been arranged evenly or cover the blocks that are in the hole.

4. Then, also place 8 pressure plates on the remaining block in the hole. The function of the pressure plate is the same as a door trap, namely to activate the piston when pressed by trapped mobs.

3. Finally, put the piston in the hole that was made earlier.

Well, those are 2 easy and simple brackets traps that you can make in survival mode. Good luck.

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