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How to Make a Bed in Minecraft PE

Hearing the word bed in our minds must be used to sleep. All living things need sleep to rest.

Likewise in Minecraft we can sleep. Sleep in Minecraft serves to speed up the night to morning or for those of us who are afraid to go at night because it is dangerous to have many mobs roaming around.

The bed is very important on the first night when making a new world for us beginners because we have nothing and maybe the night will feel long.

In this post, I will discuss how to make a bed in Minecraft. First, we must prepare the materials as follows:

• Board or Wood Plank

Cut wood in the forest or nearby and use an ax to make it faster. After getting wood, make a wood plank on the manufacturing table. 1 wood = 4 wood planks and we only need 3 to make a bed.

• Wool

Wool is obtained from sheep by shearing or killing to get the wool. You need 3 wool of the same color to make a bed.

If the color is not the same then we have to color it first. We can get dyes from nature such as flowers and so on.

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After all the materials are obtained, the next step is to make a bed on the manufacturing table by placing 3 wool and 3 wood planks.

Place the bed in a safe place there are no mobs nearby because we will not be able to sleep and never sleep in the nether because it can explode.

That’s how to make a bed in Minecraft PE.

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