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How to Make an Automatic Snowball Farm in Minecraft PE

Snowballs or snowballs are items that can be thrown but cannot be made on a crafting table or furnace. So to get a snowball, the usual way is to pick up snow using a shovel. This method will certainly be tiring when you want to get a lot of snowball.


However, it’s a different story when using an automatic snowball farm because you can quickly get lots of snowballs without getting tired and spending a lot of shovels.

Now for those of you who want to make it, here’s how to make an automatic snowball farm in Minecraft PE.

Required Items

• 4 Chests

• 3 Hoppers

• 3 Redstone

• 2 Snow

• Pumpkin

• Carpet

• Pistons

• Redstone Torch

• Redstone Comparator

• Glass (as needed)

• Blocks (Free and Sufficient)

• Lever

Steps to Create an Automatic Snowball Farm

1. Place the chest to make a large chest.

2. Do the same thing by making a big chest but behind the first big chest with a distance of one block.

3. Place the hopper between the crates:

hopper 1 leads to chest 1,

hopper 2 leads to chest 2,

while hopper 3 is above hopper 1.

If you have difficulty in placing the hopper, you can use the crouch/sneak button. Likewise for the other steps.

4. Add the glass through the top of the crate to circle the hopper.

5. Place the piston on the glass behind the hopper 3 in an inward direction.

6. Add back 2 glass levels according to step no 4, except the top and sides of the piston.

7. Add blocks like the following pattern,

3 blocks parallel to the piston function to create a series of redstone to activate the piston. While the lower 3 blocks are useful for making it easier for you to climb.

8. Place the redstone torch beside the piston and the redstone comparator behind the piston.

Then, connect the redstone torch with the redstone comparator with the redstone from the right and also connect the redstone comparator with the piston using 2 pieces of redstone through the left side. This will make the piston active.

9. Place the carpet on top of hopper no 2.

10. Place 2 snowflakes and pumpkins in order on the carpet to make a snow golem.

So far, you have succeeded in making an automatic snowball farm that will immediately produce its own way of working, that is, the snow golem that you created will find a way out. The only way out is through the top of hopper 3 and the piston which was intentionally not placed in the glass.

Here the snow golem will try to use the path to get out. It will jump to dropper 3 and produce snow because as we know the snow golem will leave snow when it stands.

However, the piston that has been activated previously makes the snow golem push back which makes it fail to come out. Where the piston also clears the snow in hopper 3 and forms it into a snowball.

The resulting snowball will automatically enter the hopper and channel it into the crate.

So, basically the more snow golems move to get out, the faster you can get lots of snowballs. Because in this snowball farm the snow golems can also stop for a moment.

And if you don’t want to make the snow golem die due to rain, you can cover the top. At least have 3 empty block distances from the piston to keep the snow golem moving.

Then when you want to stop and activate the piston you can install a lever on the piston but make sure to close the snow golem exit so that it doesn’t run away when the piston stops.

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