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How to Make Anvil and Its Use in Minecraft PE

Anvil/Anvil/Anvil is a block that serves to repair, replace and bewitch or enchanting items.


Anvil has the property of swearing (25x) which will destroy when it is maximally used, but if it is often dropped the anvil will be destroyed before it reaches the usage limit. Anvil will also fall like sand or gravel and will make a ringing sound when used or when dropped either to the floor or free fall.

In addition, the anvil when it has been dropped can be retrieved only with a pickaxe because otherwise the anvil will be destroyed for nothing.However, the other side of the anvil cannot be pushed using the piston.


Anvil is a block that is easy to make because it only uses one component, namely iron, specifically iron bars and iron blocks (a total of 31 iron bars) which are crafted on a crafting table or manufacturing table by placing 3 iron blocks in the top box and 4 iron bars or iron ingots.


As mentioned earlier, there are 3 types of functions or uses that we get from anvil. Each anvil function is different in the process of using it.

Following are the functions or uses of avil/paron/anvil:

• Repair Items

Anvil is a foundation used to repair items that are almost damaged or half-used so that they return to their original original shape and are more practical, of course.

The process for repairing our item must have an element that is used to repair the item such as the element of the maker, for example, a diamond sword is repaired using only diamonds.

In addition, the element of the item maker can also be repaired using only the same item or can use an already enchanted one (When an ordinary item is combined using an item that has been enchanted, the magic effect will be able to move along) to be combined into a whole item or one such as a bow and scissors .

However, there are also differences, such as the electra wings that can be repaired not from the same item or the same item but from a different item, namely the ghost membrane. Repairs are also not suitable for the same but different types of items such as a gold pickaxe and a diamond pickaxe.

In addition, additional elements used to repair items there is one thing we need for success in repairs, namely xp as the cost, xp used is 4 for each repair.

• Edit or rename

The next function of the anvil is to change or edit the name. You can use anvil to change the name of the item, for example the sword is changed to “gamelmit”.

However, usually anvil is most often used to change the name of the name tag before it is used or applied to mobs because the name tag will not work until it is renamed using anvil.

In the process of renaming an item, we don’t need any items, just change the name of the item to the name of the item we want with a maximum length of 35 characters at a cost of 1 XP for one name change or before the item is moved to the inventory.

• Bewitching or enchanting items

In addition to using the enchanting table, conjuring items can also use anvil. However, it is a little different because when conjuring using anvil we must have an enchanted book or magic book that matches the item being enchanted to be successful.

We can get magic books by trading or exchanging with the librarian in the village, specifically the villager who uses white clothes, fishing, certain chests and can be made using the upgrade table.

The magic book is placed in the second box after the item you want to conjure. In addition to the magic book needed to conjure items, we also need XP or it can be called the cost used for each conjuring item.

Well, that’s about anvi / anvil / anvil and how to make and how to use it.

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