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How to Make Accessories in Harvest Moon Hero of Leaf Valley

Making Accessories is an activity in Harvest Moon [HoLV] what you can do from year 3 besides getting married or building a Green House.


Precisely Spring 7 in the 3rd year there will be a new character who comes to your house. He is Zann a merchant who comes from Africa. Especially for Harvest Moon [HoLV] the Japanese version of him is named Gol Dodo.

When Zann comes to your house, he will talk about Scrap Metal and ask you to give him Scrap Metal if you have one. In exchange he will make you Accessories later.

After Zann arrives at your house, you can meet him and give him Scrap Metal at the Plaza from 7am to 8pm when the weather is sunny or cloudy, but when it rains you can’t see him because he doesn’t show up.

Then, how to make the Accessories?

To make an Accessories, you need to give 1 Scarp Metal every day up to 11 times the first time you make and 10 times to make the next Accessories. So, to make an Accessories you need 11-10 days if there is no rain because Zann won’t show up.

Furthermore, every time you give 1 Scrap Metal to Zann, he will respond with the word “#Ref” and when it feels like enough or you have given 11-10 times Scrap Metal, Zann will not say anything or blank in the conversation box.

Blank or that conversation means that the next day you can make Accessories by giving Zann one of the materials that can be made into Accessories, for example Moonlight Stones are easy to get, then when you give them to Zann he will make them into Moonlight Earrings.

In addition to Moonlight Stone, the following mining materials can be used as accessories:

• Amethys
• Aquamarine
• Diamonds
• Garnet
• Moonlight Stone
• Opal
• Ruby
• Sapphire

Well, that’s how to make Accessories in Harvest Moon [HoLV] it’s easy not the most important thing to be patient: v. Accessories yourself can be sold, collected or given to other characters, such as Alice who really likes Accessories.

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