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How to learn coding and become a programmer for beginners

Currently, the ability to create programs is needed due to the large number of startup companies that require IT personnel. However, as beginners we are often confused about what to do because we don’t understand programming at all. Here’s how and steps to learn coding and become a programmer for beginners.

1. Learn Algorithms
Algorithms are the basis of programming and must be mastered before making any program. Algorithm is a procedure or steps to do or do something from beginning to end. An example of an algorithm is a procedure or procedure for making a cake that contains the steps of making a cake from start to finish.

2. Learn English
English is very necessary because there are many sources of knowledge from foreign websites. In addition, keywords or keywords used in programming usually use English. Therefore, if you don’t understand English at all, you must learn it or it will be very difficult when making the program later.

3. Learn One Basic Programming Language
After understanding algorithms and English, the next thing you need is to learn a programming language that is easy to understand, for example C or C++. Try to learn how to write and read user input with a program (basic input output)

4. Learn Other Programming Languages
After understanding the basics of programming with one language, try learning another language or two as a comparison to better understand the basics of programming. Usually the syntax and rules used in each programming language are not necessarily the same so that by studying several programming languages ​​we can understand these differences. For example, in C or C++ data types are declared directly, but in Javascript data types cannot be declared directly.

5. Focus 1 Programming Language
The final step is to deepen one programming language to master which will later be used for work. For example, to create an Android application, Java programming skills are needed.