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How to Increase Affinity in Mobile Legends

Maybe there are still many who don’t know how to increase the affinity of mobile legends or don’t even know how to get it. Understandably, this feature is the latest feature released in the 1.6.18 patch update which has started to be downloaded since 21 September. This feature can be said to increase intimacy, chemistry to send gifts to friends.

It’s been 5 years since Mobile Legends has been present among Indonesian gaming lovers. However, the Moba Game still has a place among gamers as a game that is quite respected. This is because Moonton always provides the latest innovations and updates from heroes, skins, prizes to new features.

Thus, players don’t get bored easily because they always feel challenged. One of the new features of mobile legends is affinity. So when you finish doing a draft pick and then head to the land of dawn, you often find a rose logo, a fist, etc. That’s the feature of the affinity. So what does it do and how do you get it? here’s a full explanation

What is Affinity Mobile Legends?

This is a feature that can be used to increase intimacy and closeness with fellow players. You can exchange experience and knowledge with fellow players. With the closeness that is built, of course, it will have an impact on the chemistry while on the battlefield. You know, mobile legends is a game that requires teamwork.

what is affinity mobile legends
what is affinity mobile legends

To get affinity mobile legends, you can find this in the Profile>Social>Affinity menu. After choosing the type of affinity ML, then you can then start interacting with friends starting from push rank together or sending gifts to each other.

There are 4 types of affinity currently, namely Partners, Bros, Bestie, and Confidant / Keep in mind, each player has a limited number of slots when setting affinity. For example, for parners, you can only have one friend, while bros can have a maximum of 4 friends. Each type of affinity has a different icon and will be displayed when the game loads (after the draft pick).

How to Increase Affinity in Mobile Legends

After you get affinity from friends, now it’s just a matter of increasing points in the following way:

  • Mabar Ranked Match +6 affinity points
  • Mabar Classic Match +3 affinity points
  • Sending gifts: giving points equal to 10% of the value of the gift
  • In one week each player can get a maximum of 150 pounds.
how to increase ML affinity
how to increase ML affinity

How to Remove Affinity ML

As explained earlier, each player has a limited slot to hold a friend. If you want to change the affinity with another player, you can delete it first. There is a feature to send a request to end affinity which takes 7 days to process. Meanwhile, if an affinity friend doesn’t log in to the game for 30 days, it can be terminated immediately.

The final word

That was the explanation of what affinity mobile legends is and how to improve it. In addition to getting the benefits as mentioned above, this feature will also make you look cooler. The reason is that the affinity logo will be displayed when you want to jump into the land of dawn. Don’t forget, understand also the sick Aamon build, the newest assassin hero

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