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How to Get a Weapons Masters Degree in PUBG Mobile

How do I get a Gunsmith Degree in PUBG Mobile? – One of the games on Android and iOS that is also included in one of the most popular games in 2021 is PUBG Mobile. So this time the admin is going to discuss a little bit about the PUBG game, namely how to get a title gunsmith in PUBG or Title weapon master in this PUBG Mobile.

As we know, the PUBG Mobile game has now become one of the most popular games of 2021. This can be seen in the considerable number of downloaders, which is increasing from day to day.

It is undeniable that although it requires a large capacity for this PUBG game, there are still many players interested in playing this PUBG game.

There are several reasons why most gamers prefer PUBG Mobile. One of them is that the look and feel of the PUBG Mobile game feel more real than others. This is often most people’s benchmark and comparison.

Of course, when talking about this PUBG Mobile game, it cannot be separated from some of its superior features, one of which will be discussed this time, which is the title or the PUBG title.

As with other games, there is of course a title award, which makes a nicer impression on a player. Likewise with the PUBG Mobile game, we as players can receive different titles in it.

Speaking of PUBG titles, one of the titles that players really want is the weapon master title or the weapon master title in PUBG.

There are so many players out there who want to win this title. So if you are one of those gamers who want to be able to Obtain a Pubg Masters Degree, then you can follow the tips below.


To get the title of Armorer in the Pubg game, we have to get a maximum of 6 kills in one game. We are also obliged to kill with weapons, such as: SMG, sniper rifle, assault rifle, shotgun, vehicles & grenades.

Of course, you can only complete missions to earn the PUBG Armorer title with a Platinum V rank or higher.

There are 6 missions that players must complete in order to obtain the title Title weapon master PUBG. The 6 missions require us to use weapons as mentioned above.

Tips for Earning a PUBG Gun Masters Degree

To quickly and easily achieve the title of armorer, as a barbarian player you should be able to settle in a crowded place with enemies.

Of course, with so many enemies falling at the beginning of the battlefield, this offers a very large and quick way to complete the mission, although the risk of failure is also quite large.

So the admin recommends playing in duo or squad mode so you can collaborate with your teammates.

How to Get an Gunsmith Degree in Pubg / How to Get an Gunsmith Pubg

If you’re not ready to get off in a crowded place, you can get off on the outskirts or on the edge of the crowd and then look for bots.

Upon completing the mission, the administrator will advise you to use weapons that you rarely use until the end of the game. Examples like the use of cars, grenades and others.

Every time you successfully complete or complete a task, you can instantly switch weapons and search for new weapons. Keep an eye out for enemies and kill as many as you can.

If you also want to know how to have a large number of pubg uc, you can read about it here.

That’s roughly the way you can get an Gunsmith’s Degree in Pubg Mobile. How to get the PUBG Gunmaster title can be said to be difficult and easy depending on the player’s efforts. Hopefully this can be useful to all of you. Greetings PUBG players!

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