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How to get unlimited gems, diamonds, tokens and gold for free for all Android games

How to get unlimited gems, diamonds, tokens and gold for free for all Android games – Indonesian Android tutorial – diamonds, gems, tokens, tokens and gold are items in a game so that the level in the game increases quickly. Without these elements, it would take a very long time to reach the highest level.

How to get unlimited gems, diamonds, tokens and gold for free for all Android games

Of course, when the highest level is reached, we are not defeated. Another purpose of his account can be traded at a high price.

This time I will share how to get there Gemstones,Diamonds, gold for all games on Android. I repeat again, this method works for all games on Android. It can even be used to purchase games, paid applications, and paid books from the Playstore. Remember, this method is and has been safe and legal proven !!!

Go straight to the steps as follows:

I am going to break it down into several steps to get Gems, Diamonds, Gold and Coins for all games on Android

1. The first step is

  • Find and install Whaff Rewards directly in the Playstore Then install it on Android and open the app.
  • Run the whaff rewards application, register by selecting the login menu, just log in with your facebook account, it’s safe.

  • insertion Bonus invitation code: AF42795, with this code then your account receives a bonus dollar and contains $ 0.300 free and this dollar balance will later be exchanged for gems, diamonds, diamonds, cell phone legends, tokens, gold, pokecoins or other paid items (write down the code first because you don’t have the code use, you cannot get the first balance just once). Write too Captcha All right then OK
    kd itemplaystore

  • must and Got to did to add a dollar balance that will be exchanged for Playstore dollar balance to buy free gems, diamonds, tokens and gold. When you enter Premium Pick there is a list of apps and games. If you just install and try and complete the tasks of each application, you will be rewarded with a dollar balance that will keep growing every day if you complete it correctly. Each application has different assignments and descriptions and each application pays $ 0.1 to $ 1 more if you are hardworking, if you are hardworking the salary is doubled.
  • For example, if you try the pedia Store application, the task is to create an account and view sales posts, if they run every day you will receive a daily bonus
  • Also, install Whaff Locker directly from the Waff menu on the far right to increase the balance as the only task is to open the lock screen and get paid in dollars. The results are combined with Waff rewards
  • Enter the invitation menu and share it on social media
  • The more you install, the more dollars you make.
    A day can cost $ 5 dollar You know if a month has hit at least $ 150 in first tier at $ 8,000.
    Paths and tasks

  • After receiving a minimum of $ 12, you can exchange it Google Play gift cards which can later be exchanged for diamonds or to purchase applications. If the rupiah is exchanged, at least 10 US dollars.

2. Step two: Withdraw dollars from Whaff Rewards

  • The next step, after we’ve received at least $ 12, we’ll exchange it for a Google Play gift card straight from whaff.
  • Press the Waff logo in the upper left corner, then select Payment (disbursement)
  • Then choose Google Play gift cards (Google Play gift cards) for $ 12, then press inquiry (inquiry)

  • If you see a Google Play gift card warning for America only, just press it OK because we can also do transactions with this country.
  • Wait 1-2 days to send the Google Play gift card code. You can check it out at Check gift code
  • After you have received the 20-digit gift card code, write the code down. Before exchanging for the Google Play Store credit, we must first set up Google Wallet. Google Wallet is a place to store Playstore credit. To exchange the 20-digit code for Playstore credit, first set up Google Wallet as follows;
  1. Sign in first or sign in to google wallet using the gmail account that you sign in to playstore with to be the same.
  2. Then to the menu settings enter in section Home address, You can pretend to be this address or use any other valid address in America.
  3. then press to save or to save
  4. Now it is easier because there is the possibility to exchange credits

Step 3 Exchange three Google gift codes for Playstore credit

  • The next step is to exchange the Google code for a Playstore credit in your Google account on your Android phone.
  • Open the Playstore application, swipe left to right to open the menu, then select exchange or Redeem

  • Enter the 20-digit voucher code received through Whaff Rewards, then select exchange

  • Check again that the email address used matches the Google Wallet account.

  • Then press the button confirmation and your Playstore account will instantly receive $ 10 credit that you can use to purchase Gold $ Diamond applications or items in the application.

4. Step Four Buy gems, diamonds, tokens, coins and gold from any Android game

  • And now it’s time to buy diamonds, gems, tokens, gems, coins and gold for all Android games for free with no money.
  • Go to the respective games, search for Business / business To buy the items you need earlier according to the Google Playstore balance.
  • Have fun shopping for free, buy cool paid apps too.
    How to get unlimited gems, diamonds, tokens and gold for free for all Android games

Can also be exchanged for dollars, sent to Paypal first, PROOF:

Here is the proof

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