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How To Get Spotify Premium For Free Proven To Be Effective Forever

Spotify Premium Account Forever Free 2021 iOS iPhone Android PC

How to get a Spotify Premium Account forever for free – Hello friends, I will take this opportunity to give you all tips on how to keep your Spotify premium account for iOS and Android free forever.

Wow, you surely really want to get Spotify Premium for free and even listen to your heart’s content and access your favorite songs for free?


As we know, a premium account on Spotify is very important as it can be used to access all the songs available in the application without having to have a limit (border).

So it will surely be very nice to have a Spotify account that is already premium compared to the standard, so still a free user, as all access to Spotify is still limited.

Every new account that uses the Spotify application is of course directly given the opportunity to receive a free premium premium on Spotify. But what about user who has been using this Spotify application for a long time?

Of course, the premium access has expired and of course you have to buy it with money, be it by payment above Pulse, google Playing gift cards, and other payment methods.

Then what about users who cannot afford to buy the premium? It will of course be very difficult.

Don’t worry because the administrator will provide you all with a solution to get a free premium Spotify account on iOS, Android or PC. It is also possible to get this free Spotify premium. Okay, let’s go straight to the discussion on how to get a free premium Spotify account in 2021.


How to Get Free Premium on Spotify

note : Follow these steps to get free premium Spotify easily.

1. The first step, namely delete or uninstall first your Spotify app.

2. In the next step, please download and install the modified Spotify application. The download link for the free Spotify Premium is below. Choose one of the APK results from the Spotify mod below, everything is 100% guaranteed to work.

<> {POOR}

<> {POOR}

<> {X86}

<> {X86}

What are the functions of this modified Spotify? Here he is :

– Search activated
– Spotify Connect activated
– Unlimited shuffle
– Activated repeatedly
– Ads blocked
– Choose any song
– Added Seek FWD button to information bar / tablet
– Extreme audio unlocked

So download the Spotify Mod application first.

3. If so, now open the Spotify application and then create a new account by Sign up. Now you can use all premium functions for free.

With this Spotify application you can experience the functions of a Spotify premium account as usual.

It should be noted that the account status is still free after logging in, but you can use the premium features. You just can’t download the song yet. This modified Spotify application can be used to access and play all songs in the Spotify application.

note : Do not update to the latest version of this Spotify application, as an update will lose the premium features and everything will return to normal as usual. So don’t update and just ignore it when there is a notification to update.

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That’s the discussion How to Get Spotify Premium for Free that you can try directly to get Premium for free. Hopefully this can be useful to all of you, good luck.

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