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How to get Roger Skin Proven for free

How to get free Roger skins

How to get free Roger skins – Hi friends, I will take this opportunity to share tutorial tips with all of you on how to get a free Roger skin currently sought by Roger players in mobile legends.

Also here is how to get the Roger Anubis skin and how to get the Roger Epic Dr Beast skin for free. But first we need to know a little bit about the hero Roger and his role.

Hero Roger in Mobile Legend is a hero who has a fighter / shooter. Here Roger can change two different forms. Roger becomes a Sagittarius when he is in human form while Roger becomes a fighter when his form becomes a wolf.

This hero drug is very good indeed, plus it’s certainly a lot cooler to have two roles. Even some of his skills are very good, which makes it easier for us to move here and there with ease. Also read how to get Alucard Viscount skin.

There are still plenty of Mobile Legends players out there using the Hero Roger as a superior hero in rank. To make it look more professional and great, Roger players usually outfit it with cool skins like Phantom Pirate, Anubis, and Dr Beast.

On the one hand, there are also players who do not yet know how to get the Roger skin. Hence my friend can see how to get a free Roger Skin below.

How to get free Roger skins

1. Dr. beast

Many Roger players want to get free epic Dr Beast skins but don’t know how. Previously there was a way to get skin from beasts, but many players were rarely aware of it.

To get a free Dr Beast Skin you can open your ML game and then check it out in the events section. There is an offer through Skin Dr Beast, you can play the lottery. If you are successful, you will immediately receive a free Roger Epic Skin.

2. Anubis

Skin Anubis is a starlight skin specially made for Roger’s Hero that is very cool. It used to be very difficult to get anubis skin. But now players can easily get Anubis Roger Skin for free.

You can see it in the Events section. There’s an event called Raffles. Then my friend collects some of the items I need. If so, please open the box in the Raffles Events section. If you’re lucky, you can get Roger Anubis Skin for free.

Please note, however, that the event to receive this Roger skin has a limited time. So when it’s over, the ability to get the skin for free will no longer be possible.

However, there is one more opportunity you can take to get the Roger Anubis skin for free and that is by collecting rare skin fragments. By collecting this one fragment with a total of 200 fragments, you can get the skin permanently and free of charge by exchanging it directly in the fragment shop.

If you want to know how to quickly collect these rare fragments so you can trade them into Anubis skin for free, then you can read about them here.

3. Dark Gent

Ghent Roger’s dark skin, when seen among other things, this skin is much simpler. However, this skin is quite elegant.

Many players already have this skin, but there are still many who don’t understand how to get it. To get dark skin, you can gamble with gambling. Usually there is a dark man skin draw that you can play with your ticket. If you are lucky, you will get this Roger skin instantly for free.

So it’s very simple, isn’t it?

Here’s how to get a free Roger Skin to try. Hopefully this will be useful and help my friend get Skin Roger. Much luck.

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