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How to Get a PUBG Mobile Name Change Card (ID Card)

How to Get a Pubg Mobile Name Change Card (ID Card) – See you again in the discussion of online games, especially PUBG Mobile games. On this occasion, the administrator is going to share a few tips with all of my friends so that you can easily get a PUBG Mobile badge.

We know the PUBG Mobile game has been very popular lately. Even have online gamesgenre This battle royale has now been included in the ranks of the most popular free online games in the Playstore and in other download stores.

Having graphics that look more real is why a lot of people love this PUBG Mobile game. In addition, there are still many advantages of this PUBG Mobile game compared to other similar game applications.

However, there are also obstacles that gamers typically encounter when trying to play PUBG Mobile games, namely, PUBG Mobile cannot be downloaded. This is of course very disappointing as not all cell phones support PUBG Mobile and cannot be used to play games.

In fact, this PUBG Mobile game requires a lot of storage space on our smartphones. Of course, when using a large capacity, this PUBG game doesn’t disappoint as it has so many advantages.


Of course, if we have downloaded the PUBG Mobile game and we want to be one of the players in that PUBG game, we must first register and log in with a Facebook account. If you have successfully registered via Facebook, of course the name or Nickname in our PUBG game, it will be the same name that is registered on the Facebook account.

Well, this is where the problem often arises because the average gamer doesn’t want to use their real name but wants to replace it with a cooler name or keep their real name a secret.

So if you want to change your name in the PUBG game, there are several ways you can get a PUBG ID card and change the name or Nickname on PUBG-Mobile. Here is the review!

1. Complete the mission

Would you like to know how to get a PUBG Mobile ID Card for free? Well my friend can get it for free by completing practice missions or Progress Missions. The mission is at level 3, where we as players are asked to include friends (at least 1) in the game.

For the next mission it is on level 10 where we as players are asked to complete all missions on the previous level from level 1 to level 9. Of course, when you complete the mission, my friend will get a free badge with no purchase.

2. Buy ID in the lobby

Another way to change the nickname on the PUBG Mobile account is to buy the ID card directly from the lobby. This is not free of course, but you have to buy it using UC (Unknown Cash) which is for 180 UC for an ID card or rename that card.

To purchase it, you can first enter your PUBG Mobile game and then select “Other”. For those of you who want to have PUBG UC (Unknown Cash) without having to pay, you can read here.

Hence the discussion about how to get a PUBG Mobile name change card (ID card). Hopefully this can help all of your friends so that you can change the nickname on your PUBG Mobile account. Greetings gamers!

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