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How to Get Parametric Transformer Genshin Impact

Parametric Transformers is an item Gadgets who just arrived in Genshin Impact via update 1.3. This gadget is very useful because it can change material items from monsters into other useful materials. Starting from character Ascend materials to EXP books to level up characters.

How to Get Parametric Transformers

How to Get Parametric Transformers

To get Parametric Transformers, you you guys have to complete the mission Tianqiu Treasure Trail by talking to Lan at the Harbor Liyue (Adventure Rank 31 to the top).

You just have to follow all the instructions from the mission.

How to Use Parametric Transformers

Use Parametric Transformers very easy. You simply install this tool via the Gadget menu and press Z (PC) to remove it. Place the Parametric Transformer in the open world and interact with it to initiate transmutation.

To start the transmutation, you must select an item and collect a total of 150 Qualities. The quality of the item depends on the rarity of the item.

You can see how many Quality Items you have collected at the bottom left of the screen, next to the Start Transmutation button.

After adding the material you want to transmute, you need to use Elemental Attack on Parametric Transformers to charge up to 100%. Once fully charged, you can retrieve the changed item.

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That’s our guide or guide regarding Parametric Transformers which arrived in update 1.3.

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