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How to get paid Premium LINE coins and stickers for free

How to get paid Premium LINE coins and stickers for free – This topic is a continuation of the article How to conduct a chat line on a computer without an Android emulator. After being able to chat with a computer with a large screen and a keyboard, this time an interesting topic is discussed according to the above title. Chat with Line messenger It’s really cool, with the characteristics of many and fun sticker lines, especially when there are line stickers with sound.

free line sticker cover

With Free line stickers We can express many of these with a picture in the form of a sticker. Not tired of typing and the impression is more pronounced. There are manga stickers, Indonesian artist stickers such as Dewi Sandra, Syahrini, animated stickers and others. Some of these stickers are paid, others are free or free. And the most interesting thing is paid online stickers.

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Receive free premium sticker line or Stickers paid online that we must have a lot Coin line or Coins (English) and getting these coins is very difficult as it is usually minimal for a sticker 100 coins whereas for get free coins We have to invite a lot of friends and we just get a few free online coins.

For this, the author of the Indonesian Android tutorial blog will be discussing free tricks this time to get coins to be exchanged fee-based premium line sticker for Android and IOS Apple iPhone And the method is very simple and easy. Ok, just go to the scene of the article How to Get Free Paid Line Stickers and Free Coins

How to download premium line stickers for free

1. First we need to download an application called Whaff Reward directly from the playstore. Search for Appe Iphone with IOS OS and download it from Appstore

Paid Premium LINE coins and stickers So free 1

2. Install the application and open the application. Then log in with your Facebook account to register for a Waff Rewards account.

Paid Premium LINE coins and stickers so free of charge 2

3. If you see a field like the one below, enter it Bonus invitation code : AF42795 with code You will immediately receive a juicy first balance bonus that can later be exchanged for cash free sticker line, just the first time I got a bonus. Write too Captcha right then choose Ok ok. Rewrite captcha if wrong. Remember, this opportunity is only indicated 1X!

How to get paid Premium LINE coins and stickers for free

4. It’s time to start collecting dollars that can be converted into lots of free coins and free stickers by going to the menu Premium selection do all the chores that are there. The task is simple, just try the application or game and each application / game task is different. Pay varies between $ 0.1 – $ 1, and even more if used carefully. And remember Got to done to get lots of dollar points and got to Try to fill in all the applications because if we are conscientious the results will be doubled, prove it. For example, if you try the Tokopedia application the job is to create an account and see sales and not delete them as there is a bonus if you open it every day. The term is a daily game bonus.

5. Also, install Whaff Locker directly from the Waff menu on the far right to add dollars and speed up the process. The task is just to open the lock screen and the results will be accumulated / combined with Waff rewards. Go to the invitation menu and share it on social media like Line, WhatsApp

Paid Premium LINE coins and stickers so free of charge 4

6. After you have received at least $ 12, make a withdrawal by going to the Withdrawal menu and selecting Google Play Gift Card.

Paid Premium LINE coins and stickers so free of charge 4

7. Wait 1-2 days for a 20-digit Google Playstore gift card code to be sent. The code is your Playstore credit.

Paid Premium LINE coins and stickers So free 6

8. Enter 20 playstore codes into your playstore application. If you enter the code correctly, your Playstore credit will increase.

Paid Premium LINE coins and stickers So free 7

9. Before doing this, however, you must first set up a Google Wallet account as shown below. The email address of the Google Wallet account must be the same as the email address of the Playstore. The reason is that it can only be used in America and Indonesia by entering the Google Wallet address by entering the American address.

Paid Premium LINE coins and stickers So free 8

10. It’s time to buy coins online with dollars which we can get by going to Settings> Coin> Fee, since you have a $ 10 balance, choose the 500 bonus 100 coin line and choose the payment method with the playstore, which will be automatically deducted from the playstore.

Paid Premium LINE coins and stickers So free 9

11. Now that you’ve bought coins with dollar yields, it’s time to swap out line stickers based on your preference. And congratulations, you now have Premium Line paid stickers.
Now it is easier because there is the possibility to exchange credits

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This method is just trendy considering the various methods that have been blocked by the line and it is the only method that can be used to get paid stickers online with ease. And those are enough tricks to download paid premium stickers for free
Hopefully this article is your solution to get lots of free sticker lines.

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