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How to get Moskov skins for free

How to Get Free Moscow Skins

How to Get Free Moscow Skins – Mobile Legends is of course familiar to most of the people, especially those who enjoy playing online games.

In games on mobile legends, there are many heroes from different types of roles. In the past when this game was released there weren’t that many heroes to play. Now, however, Mobile Legend continues to update new heroes, so there are now many heroes from different fields role that can be played.

When it comes to heroes in mobile legends, there is one hero that is still widely used by gamers, which is hero moskov.

This hero has actually been around for quite some time, it can even be said that this Moskov hero is an old hero in Mobile Legends game.

Hero Moskov can be called sufficient about power it is not even rare that there are many user Moskov heroes that are easy to come by wild.

Of course, that one hero is still the target of players in the mode ranked.


In order to look more attractive and look more professional, Moskov hero players usually complete it with luxurious and cool skins.

There are Moskov skins that you can get for free and some you have to pay for. So, if you want to get Moskov skins for free, you can follow a simple discussion below about how to get Moskov skins.

– Moskov Starlight skin

How to Get a Free Epic Moscow Skin Special Star

Skin star or called Moskov Commander of the Serpent’s Eyes Of course, it can be obtained for free.

This starlight skin has indeed become one of the Moscow skins that many Moskov hero players want.

If you don’t already have a Moscow skin, you can get this luxury skin for free by collecting rare skin fragments.

There are several ways to collect this rare skin fragment. However, for more information on how to get it, you can read it here.

After collecting enough Rare Fragments, which are up to 200 Rare Fragments, you can instantly exchange them for permanent Moskov skins for free.

To exchange it, you can enter the game Mobile Legends >> Shop >> Fragment >> Shop for rare fragments, then select the Star Moskov skin and swap it out.

This way, of course, you can already have luxurious and cool skins without having to spend any money. In addition to Starlight Moskov Skins, rare Skin Fragments can also be exchanged for other Star Hero Skins as listed there.

– Skin Moskov Yasha

How to get moskov-free skins

The Moskov Skin session 7 (S7) or earlier Yasha was distributed free of charge when the session changed, namely in session 7.

However, there are still many users who don’t have it yet due to various factors such as legends when they were in session 7.

Then can you get Moskov’s S7 (Yasha) skin any other way?

Moonton has a solution for any player who has not yet received the Moskov Hero Season 7 Skin, namely by exchanging Premium Skin Fragments.

So if you don’t already have a Moskov Yasha skin, you can trade it in for premium skin fragments.

The minimum Premium Skin Fragment you must have in order to be traded in for a Moskov Yasha Skin is 250 Premium Skin Fragments.

To exchange it, you can enter the game Mobile Legends >> Shop >> Fragment >> Fragment Premium Shop, then select the Moskov Yasha skin and swap it out. If you want to know how to have a lot of Premium Fragments, you can read about them here.

This way, of course, you can get the Moscow skin for free without having to buy it. A special Moscow skin called Javelin Champion and an epic Moscow skin called Twilight Dragon are currently not available for free. However, it is possible that Moonton could host a large event with prizes for Epic Skins or special Moscow Skins for free. So keep waiting for a new event where you may have the chance to get a cool Moskov skin for free.

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That’s all a quick discussion about How to get Moskov skins for free. Hopefully this can be useful and help those of you who are having trouble with it. Greetings gamers!

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