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How to Get Lumber in Harvest Moon Hero of Leaf Valley

Wood or lumber is one of the most important and influential items in the Harvest Moon HoLV game because this item that is Aurelia’s favorite has several functions. For example, to upgrade a house, farm or upgrade a bed which is one of the requirements for marriage.

Having an important function makes wood much sought after. But unfortunately not a few are still confused and ask how to get wood in Harvest Moon HoLV. Now to answer this question, Gamelmit will share how to get wood in Harvest Moon HoLV.

There are 2 ways that you can do to get wood, namely the normal and fast way. Here are more details on how to get wood in Harvest Moon HoLV.

How to Get Lumber or Lumber in Harvest Moon HoLV

1. Cutting down trees at Woody Carpentery (Normal Way)
To be able to cut trees at Woody, you have to come when they are open, which is 9am – 2pm (Tuesday, Thursday, when it rains and festival days are off). Then choose a place, because there are 2 Woody places that you can use to cut trees, namely ordinary and special places. spot.

To go cut down trees in your usual place, you don’t need any requirements. But in order to actually get wood from your usual place, you have to do part time work 5 times first and then when you cut down a tree for the 6th time at Woody you can take wood from the felling. .

As for the special spot, it’s a little different because you don’t need to do part time first, but you need a golden egg when you want to cut down a tree there. Later the golden egg is given to Woody, then he will offer you to go there. ‘Yes’ then you will go there.

Besides being used to get wood, special spots are also places where you can get golden mushrooms and cherry tree seeds.


Not every day you can get wood at Woody’s place, it takes time for trees to grow back. For example 3-4 days you can just cut down trees again. Also bring food and herbs when you want to cut trees because it will drain a lot of stamina. haven’t upgraded the ax and haven’t eaten the power berry to increase stamina.

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2. Swap horse racing medals for wood or lumber (The fast way)
Horse racing is an event that is held once every season, except for winter. In the horse racing event, there are many prizes or items that can be exchanged for medals, one of which is wood or lumber.

For those of you who don’t like waiting or cutting down trees that are really wasteful of stamina, you can rely on this method to get wood because you simply exchange the horse racing medals that you buy or win with wood. A piece of wood can be exchanged for 2 medals.

For those who don’t know how to buy medals, you can do it when you want to bet on horse racing by pressing the triangle button. Then you can adjust the number of medals you buy, a maximum of 999 medals or the equivalent of 49,950 G.

Wow, do you guys want to use that much gold to get wood? In my opinion, don’t think so, it’s better to buy enough, for example 200 medals is enough. Then follow the horse racing bets to double it.

A few tips, choose a horse racer who has a smaller ODDS because it will win more often.

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