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How to Get Lots of GP in PES 2021 Android Quickly

How to Get Lots of GP in PES 2021 Android Quickly and Easily – Hello friends, soccer game lovers on Android wherever you are, on this occasion the administrator will have a little discussion about Android and iOS games, which are very popular among people, especially those who like soccer games.

Well the game is a PES 2021 soccer game, or Pro Evolution Soccer. Surely you already know this unique game because this game is very popular and even the number of downloaders and players is larger than some other similar game applications.

How to Get Gp in PES 2021 for Free and Fast

The game in PES 2021 seems pretty real. But on a positive note, it turns out that there are also some weaknesses of this one game. Here players in the club are not bought but have to be signed so we have to spend a lot of GP and coins to continue the game.

Hence, many PES 2021 game players are trying to figure out how to get lots of GP in PES 2021 quickly, for free, and easily. However, there are even players out there who try to have it fraudulently or illegally so that it can negatively affect their account as well.

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So the administrator advises my friend to get the PES 2021-GP the natural way also known as the natural way. Here are some ways to get lots and pure GP in PES 2021.

1. Sell Boy Scouts

When we successfully complete the game, we usually receive a scout that is useful for recruiting new players for free.

However, this scout has low odds players so this is not so important according to the admin.

So the best step is to sell it. It’s also not bad if 1 Scout with a one-star rating can be exchanged for 100 GP PES 2021. It continues to increase by 50 GP for each star, for example if you sell 1 Scout with three stars you will receive 200 GP PES 2021.

2. Take prizes from achievements (awards)

We will only receive 500 GP PES for free and easily if you log in daily. You can receive the award directly in Achievement. In addition, every time you play 5 games and win at least 3 times a day, you will receive a similar prize.

Actually, not only can you get GP, but there are other prizes like coins too. Further information can be found directly under Clubhouse >> Achievements.

3. Selling unused players or coaches

Instead of just piling up player slots, it is better if we sell players who are no longer needed or are not taken on the tour.

It’s not bad if we can release players with a rating of 70 or sell them at a price range of 700 to 800 GP.

In addition, there are also coaches who are certainly significantly more expensive than players. In the range of 5000 and more for each published time.

4. Participate in the Tour Part Mode event

How to get a lot of GPS on Pes 2021 Android can also be achieved by participating in the event mode of the tour section.

We get 900 GP to 2000 GP as a reward for every win in the current game.

Even if our TP is full, we also get 1000 GP to 8000 GP for free and easily.

Otherwise; There are also other bonuses that can be obtained when participating in this tour mode, namely silver bullets, contract tickets and gold bullets.

5. Using Level 2

Also, the way to get a lot of GP in PES can be to switch low-rated second tier players for any relatively easy game, also known as amateur level enemies.

It also has the benefit of using tier two players to make contract renewals cheaper so they can save GP and coins. Also Read: How To Get PES 2021 Coins For Free And Fast.

Well, these are just a few ways to get lots of PES 2021 Android GP for free that you can try and practice. Hopefully this will be useful for friends and don’t forget to share it with other friends. Much luck.

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