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How to get the latest paid LINE stickers with no ROOT

How to get the latest free LINE stickers with no ROOT – Because the method that the author will share will soon be available for iOS and Update : now it has support for IOS iphone (I don’t know when because it was just edited) then the author will share this trick again. For those of you who have ANDROID and IOS, you must have an instant chat line account

How to get paid LINE stickers without ROOT Newest Cover

Messenger, because this account is for playing the game Line Let’s Get Rich and for making free video calls. And you will surely get bored with the free line stickers.

The prerequisites for receiving these paid line stickers are very simple. We only need one application to receive a premium Playstore gift code, which will later be exchanged for free Line Coins to buy premium line stickers for a fee.

Follow the instructions below correctly. episode How to Get the Latest Free Line Sticker Without Root

Tricks On How To Get A Free Line Of Paid Stickers And The Latest Free Coins Without Root

  1. Open your playstore and look for an application called “Whaff Reward” and install it on your Android phone. This application is for retrieving Playstore shopping voucher codes, for searching for Iphone IOS in the free AppStore.
  2. Register / register a whaff account by clicking the Sign In / Sign In button with a Facebook account.
  3. Run the Whaff application and when the To box appears, type the code, Enter Invitation bonus code: AF42795 , With code bonus You will receive the first bonus point balance of $ 0.300 free of charge, which will later be converted into cash Coins and free sticker line. Opportunity only 1X To enter the code, don’t waste it. Also enter posts Captcha Then click OK. If the captcha is misspelled, repeat writing the captcha and code until it is correct.
    How to get the latest paid LINE stickers with no ROOT

  4. If a tutorial appears, just follow it and you will receive additional bonus points.
  5. The first step is that you have successfully registered and received a bonus point balance free sticker line.

It’s time to increase your points balance so you can get many paid sticker lines for free

  1. Open the menu “Premium Pick” and “Whaff Pick” in your “Whaff”.
  2. There is a list of the latest games and applications, then install all the applications, try them one by one and the tasks are different, for example try the lazada application, you will only be asked to create an account and see sales, not Delete the Lazada application as there is a daily bonus, if you open the application you try every day, give the game a try. Play the game up to level 6 and get a bonus in dollar points. After installation, try the application and you will be rewarded decent dollar balance which can later be exchanged for a line of stickers. Got to install and test all applications and games, because the more carefully the results are multiplied, Prove it! The picture below is the author’s result
    Process of getting 1
  3. Also, download Whaff Locker directly from the Waff menu on the far right to increase your dollar points balance. The task is just to open the lock screen and the results will be combined with the Waff reward
  4. Try all the applications in the “Premium Pick and Whaff Pick” menu to get a lot of points.
  5. Choose the invitation menu and share it on social networks, there are already options

Redeem your Waff point credit with a Playstore shopping voucher

Process of getting 2
  1. When you have reached a minimum amount of USD 12, we will exchange it for a Playstore voucher code as follows: Open the withdrawal menu on whaff and select “Google Play Gift Card”
  2. You will receive 20 codes to enter in the Playstore, so that a Playstore credit is generated. The code will arrive in 3 working days.
  3. After the code arrives at “Whaff”, write down the code.
  4. Open the Playstore in the Reedem menu and enter the code you noted down earlier
    Process of getting 3
  5. Your Playstore credit will automatically be increased.

Receive a paid sticker line for free

  1. We have already free Playstore credit What you get from Waff will be used to buy coins online and exchange them for paid sticker lines.
    Process of getting 4
  2. Open the LINE app login Settings> Coins> Chargers>Select the one that corresponds to the Playstore credit you will receive and select the method that the Playstore uses.
  3. After you have received Line Coins, you can exchange them for stickers that you have paid for.

Congratulations, you have successfully practiced receiving free paid sticker lines
You can get many paid sticker lines for free by repeating this method.

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