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How to Get the Latest Free Legendary 8 Ball Pool Sticks 2021

How to Get Free Legendary 8 Ball Pool Sticks / Cues – Hello to all friends, meet again for the discussion about the 8 ball pool game. Well, on this occasion the admin is going to share some tips with all of you on how to get the legendary 8 Ball Pool Stick, also known as the 8 Ball Pool Cue, for free.

As we know, the 8 ball pool game has also become one of the top selling games on both Facebook and the Playstore / Appstore.

As the game is hugely popular on Facebook, Miniclip, as the game application developer, finally decided to launch the game on mobile devices so that players could more easily play it on their smart smartphones.

Playing in 8 Ball Pool feels pretty exciting. The gameplay of 8 Ball Pool is also quite simple and not difficult to learn. Not much different from other online games where we can compete / play against players from different parts of the world and even invite our own friends.

When we talk about it Style of play from the 8 ball pool game application, one of the things that of course also affects the course of the game is the billiard stick we have. The more expensive the sticks we can buy, the better the quality, of course. Do you want it in terms of goal, strength and others.

In this 8 ball pool game, one of the strongest sticks and the most wanted by 8 ball pool players is the legendary cue. The way to this legendary 8-ball pool cue is actually not easy. Lots of players are trying to get this legendary racket, there are even players willing to spend money just to get this legendary 8 ball pool cue. Also Read: How To Make A Long Line Without A Root In An 8 Ball Pool.

But you don’t have to worry because here Mimin gives you a tutorial on how to get a free legendary 8-ball pool stick or legendary 8-ball pool cue for free.

How to get free 8-ball pool sticks / cues

But please note that this iconic 8-ball pool stick is not available right away. But we have to buy it with cash in a legendary box. So if you want to have the legendary queue, you need to have cash first. There are different ways to have big bucks that we can use to buy legendary boxes and get free legendary sticks. The following is included.


Did you know that this free cash offer feature gives you a certain amount of cash for free? Well, it is certainly possible because this free cash feature is a feature that 8 Ball Pool offers its users to have cash without purchase or for free.

But of course there are conditions in it, since we have to perform the tasks in it.

These tasks usually include watching videos, downloading applications, and so on. We will definitely receive a significant amount of cash upon successful completion.

The way to do this is not difficult either. You can first open your friend’s 8 ball pool game and then go to the “SHOP” section which is next to the profile column. Then press the button “+“, Then tap the” Free Cash With Offer “button, then select Free Cash With Offer (TopJoy) or” More Free Cash Offer “and complete the missions.

Complete! Now my friend can get some money and use it to buy legendary boxes and Get free legendary sticks / cues.


It turns out that leveling up is also capable of giving cash for free as you know in this 8 ball pool game. Because in recognition of us as 8 ball pool players who have managed to get to a higher level or move up, we can get some money without having to buy it.

In order to be able to level up quickly, we can play the 8 ball pool game more often so that the level up is achieved very quickly.

This way we can use the free money we get to buy and open legendary boxes so that we can get legendary cues or sticks for free.


One of the unique and interesting sides of the 8 ball pool game is that players can be competing for the most coins within a week.

This competition also includes up to 3 leagues (levels), namely friends, within countries, around the world. However, the cash prize is only given to those who managed to get the most coins within a week.

The winners who get the most coins on the order of one to three will receive cash. The money received is of course a fantastic and large amount.

So keep getting lots of coins so you can win cash that you can use to buy legendary boxes and get legendary sticks for free. Also Read: How To Unlock An 8 Ball Pool Account Easily.

If you follow some of the tips above, you can easily have tons of cash to buy iconic boxes and Get legendary 8-ball pool sticks for free. These are just a few tips, I hope you find them useful and good luck.

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