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How to Get Gold on Gogo Live

How to get Gogo Live Gold / Coins – One of the very popular broadcast or live streaming applications that we can download for free and use on our Android / iOS phones Gogo Live.

We can find and download the Gogo Live application for free in the Playstore and Appstore with a size of 51MB.

Like other similar applications, Gogo Live must use a data quota in order to run and watch any streaming video. Of course, the use of the data quota is not small, the longer you look, the greater the data quota used.

Still, there are many benefits and entertainment we can derive from this one application.

We can follow every activity of daily life that is broadcast live by the broadcaster.

In addition, we can also be a broadcaster broadcasting each of our activities to the audience in this Gogo Live application.


A digital currency called Gogo Live is of course also used in the Gogo Live application gold bar.

Coins / gold have an important purpose here, namely to give gifts to the broadcasters or to pay an entrance fee to watch broadcasters who have to use this gold.

So of course gold has a very important use here. Then the question most users of the Gogo Live application ask themselves is: how do i get gold gogo live?.

To get this Gogo Live gold coin there is a way to get it for free and there is also a solution to get it quickly, but it is not free or you have to pay with money. So check out the review below.

1. Make a live stream

One way to get Gogo Live Gold Coins for free is: Live broadcast.

We can live stream and if there are viewers watching and giving gifts then the prizes will be in. converted red diamond.

These red diamonds can be exchanged for gold bars for free.

In addition, we can also exchange these red diamonds for real money that can be withdrawn through PayPal, which is at least $ 100.

So of course very profitable, right? In addition to being able to share stories from our daily lives through live on Gogo Live, we can also make money if there are many viewers gift or gifts.

2. Buy the gold

Would you like to have Gold Gogo live without being tired? So the only solution to get it quick is to buy it.

To buy gold gogo live, we can use various payment methods available, such as operator credit, credit / debit cards and through Google Play gift codes.

There is also a nominal price as well as the number of gold bars we can buy. So all we have to do is choose how many gold bars we want to buy.

79 gold bars for 14,000 rupees, 409 gold bars for 69,000 rupees, 849 gold bars for 139,000 rupees, 4,399 gold bars for 690,000 rupees.

If you want to buy the gold coins, you can enter the application Gogo Live >> Profile >> Recharge, then choose how much gold you want to buy.

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That’s the whole discussion about it How do I get gold on Gogo Live that you can try. Hopefully this can be useful to all of you. Much luck.

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