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How to Get a Free Sun Mobile Legends Skin

How to get the Sun Mobile Legends Skin for free – Hello friends, fans of analog ml games, on this occasion I am going to share tips for all mobile legend game players, especially sun hero players, to find out how to get the latest skins for Sun Battle Buddha and Street Legend for free.

As we know, Hero Sun has several unique and cool skins like special skins, battle buddhas, and the recent street legend. These skins are showcased by Moonton and are usually given the option to be obtained for free.

So it’s a shame if you don’t get skin sun for free. Well, if you want to have sun skin for free, I explain how to get it below.

How to get free sun skins

1. Fight against Buddha

How to get the Sun Battle Buddha Skin for free

The Battle Buddha skin is not that different from the standard skin. However, it can be said that this skin is much more expensive than other elite skins.

Over time, Battle Buddha skins can now be obtained for free and very easily from mobile legend players.

How then?

You can get it by collecting Rare Skin Fragments. You can get this rare skin fragment by following the daily missions or on specific days. To find out how to get Rare Skin Fragments, see How to Get Rare Skin Fragments for Mobile Legends.

When you have enough Rare Skin Fragments, at least 120 Rare Skin Fragments, you can purchase them directly by trading in your Rare Skin Fragments. Like, my friend enters the game Mobile Legends >> Shop >> Fragments >> Rare Skin Fragments >> Battle Buddha. This way my friend gets it permanently with no time limit.

2. Street legend

How to get Sun Street Legend skin for free

This street legend skin is a special skin owned by Moonton’s newest sun hero that has the option to get for free.

How do you get it then?

Buddy can get Sun Street Legends skin for free by playing Lucky Spin. In this spin of luck you have to collect diamonds. The minimum diamond you must have to get a street legend skin for free is 40 diamonds.

To get the diamond you have to play in Lucky Spin with your ticket as the ticket here is a requirement in order to play Lucky Spin. To get tickets quickly, my friend can read How to Get Mobile Legend Tickets Quickly.

If you already have a lot of tickets, play at Lucky Spin right away to get street legends skin. By then, if you already have at least 40 diamonds, simply trade them in for free street skins by logging into the game Mobile Legends >> Shop >> Draw >> Lucky Spin >> Sun Street Legend.

That is one explanation of how to get free sun skin that you can try. It turns out it’s not that hard, is it? Also read: Script gets the epic Lancelot Royal Matador Skin and Script gets the STARLIGHT Gusion Cyber ​​Ops Skin.

That’s the explanation too How to get the latest free sun skin. Hopefully this is useful to all of you and good luck.

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