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How to get free lollipops at Hello Yo

How to get lollipops on hello yo for free 2021

How to get free lollipops at Hello Yo – Hello friends, on this occasion the admin will share some tips with all of you, namely how to get Hello Yo lollipops for free. But first let’s get to know this unique application a little.

Hello Yo is an application for Android and iOS that you can download for free without paying a dime.

The Hello Yo application was released in less than 2 years but now has more than 10 million downloads on the playstore. This is certainly not surprising as the Hello Yo application itself looks pretty fun to use.

The users of this one voice and video chat application also come from different backgrounds and ages. However, most of the users are dominated by young people.

The topic of “chatting, making new friends” is attracting great interest from today’s youth. Usually there are also users who want to gain a partner through this Hello Yo application.

Using the Hello Yo application is very exciting indeed. Additionally, the look and feel and features are very supportive and easy to access and understand.

There are many unique features and interesting items. Well maybe this time we will discuss the article lollipop.

For those of you who use the Hello Yo application, you will of course be familiar with this one item, as it can be used to exchange attractive prizes, such as: Winter, Bandit Poster, Cyclops Effect, Moon Effect, Zoo, Mobile Legends, Cartoon, and much more.

How do i get free lollipops on hi yo without cheats

So having lollipops in the Hello Yo application is definitely very useful, especially when you can have a lot of lollipops.

How do you get the lollipop?

Of course, to get lollipops on Hello Yo for free you can get them by: to invite friends.

The Hello Yo application developer has surely prepared a way himself so that his users can get lollipops for free, through the invite friends feature.

You will get 1 lollipop for every friend that signs up using the link you shared. Of course there is a limit, which is a maximum of 5 lollipops per day.

In addition, you will get 10 free lollipops when your friends download the Hello Yo application from the link you shared.

Lollipop usage function hello yo

It seems like there really is no choice but to invite friends over to get Hello Yo lollipops. However, this feature is pretty good too, as we don’t have to spend any money to get the lollipops, we can get them for free just by inviting friends.

You can invite your friends through the social media you use. Be it via Facebook, Instagram and other social media.

When you have enough lollipops to cash in, just go to Hello Yo App >> Me >> Shop >> Lollipop, then choose what you want to buy with enough lollipops to exchange.

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That’s roughly how you get lollipops at Hello Yo. In fact, there is basically no other way to collect Hello Yo lollipops than by inviting friends. Hopefully this can be useful to all of you. Much luck.

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